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Can Diet Really Improve the Symptoms of Autism? Read This Family’s Story and Decide

From: Daily Mail Online By Angela Epstein, Last updated at 1:34 AM on 10th March 2009 Simone Sewell still shudders at the memory of the moment she was told her two-year-old daughter, Sienna, was autistic. She and her husband, Geoff, sat in shock as the paediatrician spelt out the bleak future that awaited their first-born. […]

Biomedical Intervention and Diet Recovery Story

A sincere thanks to Generation Rescue for helping so many and working to show parents and physicians that autism is treatable. Kids are recovering. I find this story that has been shared by a parent to be uplifting, educational and empowering. To those that doubt there is hope, I challenge you to listen to other […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (Recipe)

GFCFSF recipe. To make SCD compliant, use shredded coconut in place of chocolate chips and coat in melted oil and shredded coconut. 1 ½ cups pitted dates ½ cup coconut butter 1 Tablespoons of coconut oil ½ cup GFCF chocolate chips (I prefer Enjoy Life brand, they are also soy-free) In a food processor, process […]

UT Houston Researchers Study Diet In Autistic Children: Possible Link Between Gluten, Dairy Products Will be Tested

I just came across this study in my research from the University of Texas website: HOUSTON—(Aug. 6, 2008)—Researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have embarked on one of the first double-blind, clinical studies to determine whether gluten and dairy products play a role in autistic behavior as parents have anecdotally […]

Diet May Help Autism

From October 26, 2008 – 6:27PM BY STEPHANIE SANCHEZ, SUN STAFF WRITER Gwen Conner gently held her son’s face between her hands in hopes that he would make eye contact with her. His eyes avoided looking at her until she could almost could no longer see his pupils, she said. She remembers he would […]

Houston Researchers Study Diet And Autism

HOUSTON –Dairy and wheat could make autism symptoms worse. Parents of autistic children have long suspected that what their children eat affects their behavior. Now University of Texas at Houston researchers are taking a first look at whether their suspicions are true. “We want to know if gluten and milk… have any relation to changes […]

Squash Meatballs (Recipe)

SQUASH MEATBALLS (GFCF/SCD/LOD) From Cooking To Heal (Cookbook with DVD) by Julie Matthews To make SCD, use nut flour in place of GF breadcrumbs.  For LOD and nut-free, use coconut flour 2 lbs ground raw meat (beef, turkey, chicken, buffalo), pastured when possible 1 cup cooked and pureed winter squash (butternut or acorn) 2 eggs […]

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