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Gluten-Free Chocolate Birthday Cake (Recipe)

I created this recipe for my own 40th birthday cake.  I read and studied the chemistry of chocolate (alkali vs non-alkali) and baking powder vs. baking soda – I learned so much and the cake turned out great!  It is important not to make substitutions to these ingredients or you will change the cake significantly.  […]

Study Showing that GFCF Diet May Positively Affect ASD

Here’s a recent study that has not gotten any press showing that the GFCF diet may positively affect autism.  It followed a larger group of children for 12 months, not four weeks like the other study in the news lately.  Why did the media not cover this one? Researchers stated, “Our results suggest that dietary intervention […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (Recipe)

Squash Meatballs (Recipe)

SQUASH MEATBALLS (GFCF/SCD/LOD) From Cooking To Heal (Cookbook with DVD) by Julie Matthews To make SCD, use nut flour in place of GF breadcrumbs. For LOD and nut-free, use coconut flour. These can easily be made egg-free and grain-free (therefore SCD/GAPS, Paleo, AIP, and elimination diet compliant) by eliminating the eggs and bread crumbs. Ingredients: […]

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