Nutrition Consultant Training

Do you support children with autism, ADHD, and neurodevelopmental delays?  

Do you make diet and nutrition recommendations to help your clients or patients? 

Parents need support from professional that give science-based food and nutrition guidance that meets their unique, bioindividual needs.

Join me in practicing Nourishing Hope and BioIndividual Nutrition. The process of nourishing hope involves making science-based food and nutrition choices that aid healing and functioning. 

BioIndividual Nutrition is the science and clinical application of diet and nutrition intervention that is customized to the unique needs of each individual.

Foods affect biochemistry, and in turn, the body’s biochemistry influences the foods an individual can tolerate/eat. Understanding these relationships, identifying hidden connections between symptoms and sources, and knowing which recommendations to make is critical to your success as a practitioner.

I developed this approach while working with children with autism for 17 years and this methodology also helps adults and children facing a variety of chronic conditions to find healing and relief.

Julie Explains BioIndividual Nutrition

Nutrition science  has expanded greatly in recent years. New evidence demonstrates that many compounds found in foods, even very “healthy” foods, can cause serious reactions in certain people and even worsen conditions you’re trying to help.

Recommending a healthy whole foods, gluten-free, grain-free diet, or Paleo diet is often not enough; as they do not address the individual biochemical needs of the person.

The latest nutrition science shows that many of our clients with chronic health conditions suffer with issues relating to oxalates, salicylates, amines, histamine, glutamate, and FODMAPS, as well as poor methylation, transsulfuration and sulfation.

VERY FEW practitioners are aware of these food substances, how to identify them, and how to truly customize a therapeutic diet according to their clients unique needs.

In addition to Nourishing Hope, Julie Matthews has founded the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, to provide advanced nutrition training for nutrition professionals so they master the use of therapeutic diets and to customize their recommendations for the unique biochemistry of clients.

Testimonials from Nutrition Professionals that Trained with Julie

“Julie Matthews knowledge of various diets and the unique healing quality of food ranks her as one of the top nutritional scientists in the field today.”

Kurt Woeller, DO

Integrative Medicine Physician

“As an overwhelmed autism mom staring at a long list of food allergies and underlying medical issues for my son, Julie Matthews was an invaluable resource to me and my family. As my knowledge and understanding grew about the foods we feed our families and the impact biochemically, so did my family’s wellness. But, it wasn’t just about diet, it was what would help MY child based on his particular challenges and individual needs. My son is 11 and recovered from autism, so now it is time to take it a step further and go even deeper in my own knowledge and to give back to others wanting to support the health of themselves and their families.

I look forward to delving even more into bio-individual nutrition through Julie’s new program and to look at the various opportunities to grow my own skills and share this passion with others in more effective ways. What an empowering way to take our journey and help others heal their children, themselves and their families and to continue to nourish hope.”

Terri Hirning


“I am a GAPS practitioner and I really needed the tools and resources your program teaches. I now feel confident that I will be able to… make a bigger impact on my community.”

Holly Morello, NTP, CGP

“Julie walks you through case studies and you gain an understanding of the thought process to identify symptoms and suitable dietary interventions. This was the missing link for me.”

Paula Bordenet, NTP

“Although my NTP training was excellent, not all clients respond to the standard healing diet and supplement protocols taught in the program. The BioIndividual Nutrition course took my training to a higher level, and I can now help a much wider range of clients. Before even completing the program, I was able to apply and see results from the new information I had learned. My confidence as a practitioner has grown immensely.”

Cate Pellicer, NTP

“As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, the BioIndividual Nutrition training has been a great value to me. Gaining knowledge of the varied diets perfectly augments my NTA education and has helped me better support my clients’ diverse needs. I think every NTP, NTC or NTA student would benefit from Julie’s training!”

Resolute Michaels, NTP

“The BioIndividual Nutrition training is scientifically backed and referenced, comprehensive, practical and relevant to me as a Health Coach and Mindd Practitioner. I work specifically with the Autism community, so the knowledge I gained from is crucial for me to be able to provide a high level of expertise to my clients.”

Kris Barrett

Mindd Practitioner, Certified Nutrition & Health Coach Certified GAPS Practitioner

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Nutrition Training for Practitioners

For healthcare practitioners that support a wide variety of chronic disorders in adults and children, explore Julie’s BioIndividual Nutrition Training Program.

For practitioners specializing in kids and Autism/ADHD, check out Julie’s BioIndividual Nutrition Pediatric program