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Nourishing Hope for Healing Kids

Parents are learning that a special diet can improve the symptoms of ADHD, autism, and learning delays in children, but can feel overwhelmed to start making use of this approach with their family.

There’s so much information and well-meaning advice out there – how do you know what really works? After all, you don’t have the time to flick through the medical literature every time you make dinner! (more details)

Nourishing Hope for Autism - Autism Diet & Nutrition Book

Autism diet intervention guide for parents and professionals. Provides the scientific WHY and HOW various diets help children find relief from the symptoms of autism. Contains step-by-step nutrition guide that stems from extensive clinical experience and research. (more details)

Support Club Learning Sessions

Essential Topic-specific Education

Support Club sessions are topic specific learning about how various diets, nutrition concepts, and supplements help children with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorders, and learning and developmental delays. Make the most of your food and supplement choices, identify possible pitfalls, and stay on track toward improving the health and learning potential of your child. (more details)

Cooking To Heal - Autism Nutrition & Cooking Course

Inspiring 4 hour LIVE nutrition and cooking class – with Autism Diet Cookbook (autism diet recipes.) Learn to follow any autism diet; how to provide good nutrition, address food restrictions and sensitivities, and still create meals families (and picky eaters) will love. (more details)

4-hour Autism Diet SUCCESS WORKSHOP

Half-day comprehensive workshop with Julie Matthews. Learn more about the science and application of autism diet and nutrition than any conference presentation anywhere! Presentation + slides! (more details)

The Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid

Easy-to-follow guide to the most nourishing foods and diet principles that benefit everyone using food for improved health. Includes Pyramid, Description, and Multimedia Presentation. (more details)

Nourishing Hope for Baby - Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy

Julie’s most comprehensive preparation program for healthy pregnancy and baby. Includes nutrition guides, 20-day meal plan, Stacking The Deck module, and the entire Nourishing Hope Food Pyramid with focus on pregnancy. (more details)

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Nourishing Hope and Cooking To Heal can be purchased from Nutri Cente Books in London…visit their website here.