Because body and brain are connected,
nutrition affects everything.

Nourishing Hope uses scientifically
proven methodologies and nutrition-based
strategies that are effective at improving the
health, learning, and behavior of those with
Autism, ADHD, and other developmental delays.

Discover how simple changes in nutrition can help improve your child’s autism with Julie’s eBook:

Using Food and Nutrition to Improve Autism & ADHD.

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Julie Matthews

I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Educator, author, and published researcher. I’ve been studying the underlying biochemistry and nutrition research on autism for sixteen years. I discovered each child is unique and requires a customized solution based on their individual needs.

I have worked with and educated thousands of parents and clinicians to make effective diet and nutrition choices based on this research and clinical experience. And I’ve witnessed that children with autism can get better, and know that food and nutrition choices can be life changing.

Meet Julie Matthews

Autism Nutrition Research

Read how comprehensive nutritional and dietary intervention can improve autism symptoms

Julie Matthews is contributing-author of a newly published study from ASU led by Dr. James Adams that shows that comprehensive nutritional and dietary intervention improves non-verbal IQ, development, autism symptoms, digestive health, and nutritional status in individuals with ASD.

Read the study


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