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18 Years: ONE Empowering Idea for ADHD & Autism

This Spring marks the anniversary of ONE Empowering Idea for ADHD & Autism that’s helped countless children and families worldwide. This ONE idea, Nourishing Hope – giving specialized attention to the food and nutrition children receive to help them improve – is fueled by scientific inquiry and personal passion, and drives an evolution of thought […]

Sauerkraut Recipe

Using Rainbows to Teach Kids Good Nutrition

Julie Matthews’ Email to Forbes Requesting Correction

Avoiding Holiday Havoc: Healthy solutions to avoid meltdowns and keep the holidays happy

Forbes article ignores abundant science on gluten-free for autism

Real Results from Real Kids

My Approach to a Healthy Food Pyramid for Kids
[Is Choose MyPlate Best?]

Two Strategic Autism Diets

The Gut Brain Axis in Autism [A Study Review]

The gut-brain axis is a well established connection suggesting that the intestinal microbiota (the good bacteria in our gut) signal to the brain in a myriad of ways. This delicate balance of gut microbes can influence emotional development, modulation of stress and pain, mental health, and neurotransmitter systems in the brain.  Research encourages that improvements […]

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