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Comprehensive Nutritional and Dietary Research Study for Autism

After 16 years espousing the science and clinical efficacy of diet and nutrition for autism, I have become a published researcher! I was part of a study that was just published last weekend, led by Dr. Jim Adams, that researched the benefits (and synergistic effects) of six diet and nutrition interventions for autism, over the […]

Amazing Instant Pot Refrigerator Pickled Beets

I like to have lots of veggies on hand throughout the year, and we love beets! Beets are excellent for our digestive health. Beets help the liver and gallbladder by thinning the bile, making it much easier to digest and assimilate healthy fats in our diet. Beets are rich in betaine, which is involved in and supports methylation. They […]

Best Gluten-Free Holiday Meal

An Easy-to-Make Delicious Holiday Meal Your Family Will Love This is the season for holiday meals, and the nostalgia and family time spent together at the dinner table. Here at Nourishing Hope, we have readers from 90 countries, who all celebrate the season differently.  So whether you are looking for Holiday recipes, or just a […]

Cook-a-Long with Julie – USAAA Pre-Conference Event

Join Julie Matthews LIVE from her own kitchen, this TUESDAY at 6pm Pacific. This is a special free USAAA Pre-Conference Event.  Julie will be talking, explaining, answering questions and COOKING – and you can Cook-a-Long too!  It’s all GFCF & Nutritious. CLICK HERE to get the list of 8 Ingredients, and be ready to prepare 3 […]

Nourishing Hope Australia – Highlights 2013

Julie Matthews/Nourishing Hope recently completed a three week trip to Australia. Julie was a featured speaker at the Mindd International Forum on Children, held in Sydney, where she presented to both parents and clinicians – including professional trainings in collaboration with MEDMAPS.  Leslie Embersits, Alexis Parznos, and the entire team at Mindd create Australia’s preeminent […]

Julie Matthews Recognized for Global Impact of Nourishing Hope for Autism

Dear Friends and Colleagues, I’m deeply touched to be honored by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals for my efforts in sharing an imperative message…that Food and Nutrition MATTER for children with autism, ADHD, and other childhood disorders.  I wanted to share my acceptance speech so you can hear what’s in my heart. [youtube]R7NpJMDSyuE[/youtube]   […]

Nourishing Hope returns to Australia!

Julie Matthews, leading autism diet and nutrition specialist returns to Australia in May 2013. Don’t miss these opportunities to see, learn from, and become inspired by Julie. In collaboration with the Mindd Foundation and sponsored by Houston Enzymes, Speech Nutrients, and Bio-Botanical Research, Julie travels to Australia to present at imperative educational events in Sydney, […]

Note from Julie Matthews on Autism Awareness Month

Being April, the words “autism awareness” are being strewn everywhere. However, “awareness” of autism prevalence alone falls short. People need to know WHAT autism is, and HOW you can improve the lives and families of those affected.Sadly, too many Autism Awareness articles do not honestly tell people what they can do to help. The greatest […]

CBS NEWS – Nutritionist Mom Livid at CDFA’s Raw Milk Meddling (VIDEO)

This news story conveys the audacity of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the personal impact of their actions upon my natural, healthful family – and local respectful farmers. My wife, Julie Matthews is among the worlds leading nutritionists specializing in autism, as well as healthy pregnancy and babies. She knows a […]

Barefoot Running

  Radio Interview with Michael Sandler In Barefoot Running, Feet Beats Shoes Hands Down Michael Sandler, author of Barefoot Running: How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth, debunks mainstream views and modern medicine regarding shoes and our feet.  After years as a professional athlete, and a number of injuries […]

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