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Healthy Halloween: Trick or Treat Reinvented

Is Meat Glue Hiding in Your Child’s Chicken Nuggets?

Starting a Fall Garden

Avoiding Holiday Havoc: Healthy solutions to avoid meltdowns and keep the holidays happy

Real Results from Real Kids

My Approach to a Healthy Food Pyramid for Kids
[Is Choose MyPlate Best?]

Can an ADHD diet really work?

A diet for ADHD may actually be the answer for many families seeking relief not found in traditional treatment. Find out why an ADHD diet works and how to do it.

Could berries, apples, and grapes be causing your child’s behavior challenges?

What do berries, apples, and grapes have in common? Salicylates. A vast majority of children with autism and ADHD in my nutrition practice have salicylate reactions. The most common symptoms are red cheeks. red ears, hyperactivity, and irritability.. SALICYLATES are a #1 food related cause of BEHAVIOR issues. There is a reasonable explanation for the […]

Take the frustration out of picky eating

Is ADD really NDD: NUTRITION Deficit Disorder?

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