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Two Strategic Autism Diets (GFCF and Grain-Free)

Could berries, apples, and grapes be causing your child’s behavior challenges?

What do berries, apples, and grapes have in common? Salicylates. A vast majority of children with autism and ADHD in my nutrition practice have salicylate reactions. The most common symptoms are red cheeks. red ears, hyperactivity, and irritability.. SALICYLATES are a #1 food related cause of BEHAVIOR issues. There is a reasonable explanation for the […]

12 Benefits of Gelatin

The Ketogenic Diet vs. a Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet: Which One Works Best for Children with Autism?

With the popularity of the ketogenic (keto) diet these days and the amazing results people are reporting, my clients have been asking whether the ketogenic diet is right for their child with autism. I have been looking for good science that can guide us as to whether the ketogenic diet improves the symptoms of autism. […]