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I just attended the DAN! conference in Atlanta, and attended your lecture and Cooking To Heal seminar.  (…and yes, I had bone broth in the crock pot by 8:00 a.m. Monday morning!)  I just wanted to comment on what a valuable resource you are providing to the autism community.

You have truly bridged the gap between understanding the principles of dietary intervention and actually combining & implementing them into a dietary plan for each individual child.  Although I had read every book about dietary interventions and understood their various regimens, I couldn’t really blend the principles on my own and get started until I was fortunate enough to come across your book, Nourishing Hope for Autism.

I hope you inspire others to get started as you have done for us.

Best of luck and thank you!

Amy Belknap
Bailey’s Mom (GFCF/LOD/SCD)

“Julie’s depth of knowledge and expertise regarding nutrition and health is invaluable in addressing the serious, complex dietary/supplementation needs of our young daughter. Her guidance and recommendations are very helpful — we have learned a tremendous amount. We continue to rely on Julie for her sound recommendations, her thorough nutritional plans and her expert advice on matters that make a great difference in our daughter’s health.”

Kathryn Carleton

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Julie, you are an excellent, dynamic and convincing speaker, as well as a friendly person.  Your presentation was appreciated by both experienced and unexperienced parents.  I have been receiving messages from parents thanking Autisme Montreal for holding the conference and telling me how helpful and enlightening your presentation was.

You give real Hope and provide real Tools to families. I sincerely hope you will continue Nourishing Hope for many years.

All the best to you and your family,

Nicole Dessureault
Intervenante familiale
Montreal, Canada


Thank goodness for Julie!!!!   We have a three year old autistic child, who faces the common problem of food allergies and being on the gluten/casein diet.  He also has extremely high copper levels and difficulties with phenols, dyes and fragrances.  I didn’t know what food, lotion, bath soap, shampoo, etc. to use with this child.  Julie worked with his DAN doctor to
get his bio-medical needs under control and helped us set up a schedule for the vitamins and supplements.  We now have solid bowels, better sleep, and his coloring and skin are much better. Now that Tyler’s system is becoming  balanced and healthy his brain is free to learn and heal.

Toni and Kevin Richard



Hopefully this email will get to Julie. I stumbled across your site today, and nearly fell out of my seat. I think your ideas and philosophy are right-on-target. I have two kids, and have them into organic foods, fruit smoothies, and anything else we can find that seems healthy. Reading your website makes me want to change my profession to nutrition.



I wanted to share a bit about our family’s experience working with Julie. Our son Sean is now 12, and from the age of 3 until 9, we did a wide range of autism support therapies, including special education services through the school district, and private speech therapy, occupational therapy, play group therapy, and physical therapy. Our pediatrician never gave much credit to the ideas we were reading about in terms of how food sensitivities and other nutritional issues can be a major factor in autism spectrum disorders. Other people rolled their eyes when we talked about trying some of these approaches as well.

I finally started consulting with Julie when Sean was around 10, and found that of all the things we’ve tried for helping our son deal with his autism symptoms, making some changes in his diet, both removing or minimizing problem items and adding nutritional items he’d been missing, has been the most eye opening, clear help we’ve had for Sean.  Working with Julie over several months helped me look at nutrition overall in a long range way, and her help has allowed us to try different approaches over time to see what might help Sean’s symptoms.

We do not claim to have had an instant “miracle cure,” but the nutritional, biomedical approach to looking at autism has given us the most concrete positive results, and frankly, the greatest amount of hope, that we’ve had all these years. Keep up the great work, Julie!

Lisa Louis


Hi Julie! It was nice talking with you at the ASA conference! I was sorry that I didn’t get to see you speak during the conference, but my husband and a few other friends got to catch it. After talking you up after the DAN conference in OKC, my husband had doubts. I cooked everything on the handout and my kids loved it all. I finally got up the nerve to try the liver burgers, and was told by my 6 year old and I QUOTE “These are the BEST hamburgers you have EVER made!” Ha!  Your book has been incredibly helpful, thank you so much!

Traci Landes


Hi Julie,

I attended the DAN conference on Saturday and heard your presentation about the essentials of nutrition and got really motivated to start making changes in my home for my son. I never realized that the eveyday items that I use to prepare and store food contains so many harmful chemicals. I currently have teflon pans and heard you talking about the importance of switching to stainless steel….

Marisela Kedjejian

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