Learning Bundle – Nourishing Hope and Cooking to Heal

Whether you’re considering putting your child on an “autism diet” for the first time, refining a diet that you’re already following, or are unsure that you’re following the right dietary strategy – my autism diet and nutrition success tools will help you!

I’ve been researching autism diet and nutrition for ten years and personally supported thousands of parents and clinicians to make the most of dietary intervention. From comprehending biochemistry, to discerning food and nutrient strategies, to cooking for the strictest of healing diets and circumstances, you’ll learn to make the most of this healing strategy.

My “Learning Bundle” includes: Nourishing Hope for Autism & Cooking to Heal…

Nourishing Hope
Nutrition and Diet Guide
Autism diet intervention guide for parents and professionals. Provides the scientific WHY and HOW varied diets help children find relief from the symptoms of autism. Contains step-by-step nutrition guide that stems from extensive clinical experience and research.
Cooking To Heal – Autism Diet & Nutrition Cookbook & VIDEO
Inspiring 4 hour LIVE nutrition and cooking class – includes Autism Diet Cookbook (autism diet recipes) Learn to follow any autism diet; how to provide good nutrition, address food restrictions and sensitivities, and still create meals families (and picky eaters) will love. (more details)
BOTH Autism Diet Tools
Empowering tools for autism diet implementation. Understand WHAT, WHY, and HOW by purchasing both Nourishing Hope for Autism and Cooking To Heal. Extensive clinical autism nutrition and diet experience and research is contained in Julie’s autism diet tools.


Food Affects Autism, ADHD, and other Developmental Delays

Parents, pediatricians, caregivers, and therapists are learning to empower their nutrition and food knowledge to help bring about real improvement for children – in cognitive ability, learning, physical health, digestive problems, rashes, speech, eye-contact and aggression. Julie explains how food directly affects what happens in the brain and her learning tools help you effectively implement a healthful diet, gain vital nutrition education, and learn practical ways to cook and prepare meals for the entire family.

FOOD MATTERS.  What children with autism eat affects their health, cognition, and behavior.  Today’s leading experts and parents agree that the process of healing children with autism begins with taking charge of their diet.

Parents can affect immediate improvement in their children through informed and empowered food choices. By making intentional omissions and additions, healing autism diets help children become healthier and less symptomatic.

Parents, pediatricians, caregivers, and therapists use Nourishing Hope for Autism and Cooking to Heal to empower their nutrition and food knowledge and help bring about real improvements in children – in cognitive ability, physical health, digestive problems, rashes, speech, eye contact and aggression.

Learn how to help your child!

The most advanced autism diet & nutrition education available!

Learn WHAT you need to know, WHY it makes scientific sense to following an autism diet, and HOW to be effective using food and nutrition to help your child. Stemming from 10 years of research and clinical experience, I provide answers to parents’ most pressing questions:

  • Should my child follow an autism diet?
  • What will my picky eater eat?
  • Will my child get adequate nutrition?
  • Is there science behind these diets?
  • I’m overwhelmed – can I do it?


ITEM 1) Nourishing Hope for Autism – $30

Autism diet intervention guide for parents and professionals. Provides the scientific WHY and HOW diet changes help children with autism. Contains a step-by-step nutrition guide to help you learn and be effective.

  • Understand that autism is whole-body disorder–that body, brain, and behavior are connected–and how that shapes food and nutrition choices.
  • Learn how diet can dramatically help many children with autism.
  • Know which food omissions and additions are most imperative.
  • Discover the most nutrient dense foods to ensure proper nutrition for your child, even picky eaters.
  • Become empowered to get started or make further progress with diet.

Nourishing Hope for Autism is the only book that definitively explains the scientific rationale for dietary intervention and contains a step-by-step implementation guide – in and easy to read format.




Nourishing Hope for Autism – $30

ITEM 2) Cooking to Heal – $67

Cooking To Heal is Julie’s complete Autism Nutrition and hands-on cooking class for parents. It includes her autism diet COOKBOOK together with a VIDEO of her 4-hour LIVE autism nutrition and cooking class (sample videos below). You will learn about nutrition, cooking for special diets, specific food substitutions, making healthy desserts, supporting picky eaters, and much more!

“Cooking To Heal” stems from years of Julie’s clinical experience with parents and weekends in her kitchen creating palatable solutions – it’s guaranteed to help you be more effective with autism diet implementation.”

Cooking to Heal contains:

    • Recipes to meet your child’s special diet needs
    • Empowering nutrition education
    • Meal planning and menu ideas
    • Cooking with nutrient dense foods
      • make food preparation easier
    • Ideas for picky eaters including texture issues
    • Substitution ideas for every recipe
      • nourish your child with foods they already love
    • Options for the most restricted diets including egg-free, nut-free, grain-free, and multiple diet combinations.

All recipes are gluten-free, casein-free, and soy-free… …and labeled for specific autism diet compliance. ALL AUTISM DIETSRecipes for GFCF, SCD/GAPS, low oxalate diet, body ecology, Feingold, Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions, Failsafe and more.

Learn the NUTRITIONAL benefits and HOW to prepare:

  • Fermented foods: raw sauerkraut, nut milk yogurt, and non-dairy kefir (excellent for digestion, reducing yeast overgrowth, immune function, reducing inflammation), and lacto-fermented fruits, kombucha, and kefir sodas (favorite children’s fermented foods),
  • Broths and soups: vegetable and mineral broths, chicken and beef stocks, and soups (boost and “sneak in” nutrition with nutrient dense broths)
  • Soaking and fermenting: grains, nuts, and beans including how to make nut milk and nut butter (essential preparation for proper digestion and nutrient absorption of all “seeds”)
  • Foods from pasture-raised animals: (nourishing to the brain and the nerves)
  • Grain-free and Gluten-free baking and snacks

DISCOVER options for: Gluten-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Grain-free, Starch-free

What people have said about Cooking To Heal

“I didn’t know that nutritious cooking could be tasty too. I now have the confidence that my son will eat my nutritious food without any problems.” – Rose C.

“This class has helped me to understand how to make fermented foods as well as yoghurt. I did not realize how important and also easy to make they are. A little learning can really improve your health.” – Welch Family

I wish all my families of children with an autism spectrum disorder and food reactions could take Julie’s course.” – Toril H. Jelter MD FAAP

My extremely picky daughter is already happier and more satisfied with her food. Your format is easy to understand, easy to implement and your nutritional knowledge and dedication provided me the encouragement I need to stay on course for our family’s health. The explanations have saved me weeks of trial and error and the accompanying frustration. Thank you!” – Melinda Jackson

“I opened my eyes in how to cook without grains and carbohydrates.” – Suzi Goldmacher

“This class is one of a kind not to be missed! It is easily accessible, well-organized with clear written guides and tastes that motivate behavior changes.” – Mary Isham

“When I first started this journey with my son there was no one out there to help answer my questions on what to cook and how to cook, I felt so alone. I wish I met you then, it would have been much more achievable. Thanks for the great day.” – Mom

VIDEO Excerpt (edited) – Chicken Pancakes

VIDEO Excerpt (edited) – Nut Milk

Cooking To Heal –
Online Autism Diet & Nutrition Cookbook and Cooking Course – $67



GFCF diet? SCD? GAPS diet? Body Ecology diet? Low oxalate? Feingold? Failsafe?

Parents often ask, “Which diet do I choose? My friend’s child is doing great on… Is that the right diet for me?” Many practitioners and books specialize in one diet. Through my years in nutrition consultation, I’ve learned that there is no one size fits all diet. The best diet for one person could be a less effective choice for someone else.

Nourishing Hope explains all the diets so you can make the best choice for your child, and Cooking to Heal labels all recipes with the top 5 diets for people layering multiple diets or considering switching.

Julie’s “Learning Bundle” Includes…

Nourishing Hope & Cooking to Heal – Regularly $97. Save $10


The Most Comprehensive Education Available

10 Years and 1000’s of hours of research, recipe testing and tasting are within “Nourishing Hope” and “Cooking To Heal.” Julie’s intent from Day 1 of her nutrition studies was to transfer actionable science based nutrition, food, and cooking knowledge and skills direct to her clients in extremely DOABLE ways.Parents and Doctors worldwide agree, as the praise for “Nourishing Hope” and “Cooking To Heal” has been tremendous – and by pricing BOTH at just $87, getting this most empowering learning is easily attainable.

* if you do not find “Nourishing Hope for Autism” and/or “Cooking To Heal” to be helpful to your special diet learning and implementation, you may return them for a refund.



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