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How to get Calcium on a Dairy-Free Diet

Calcium-Rich Foods for Casein-Free Diets

Calcium is an important nutrient.  It’s essential for strong bones, as well as supporting muscle contraction, heart function, and neurotransmitter release.

Studies show that children with autism are often deficient in calcium.  There are also studies showing that children with autism on special diets are even more deficient in calcium.  While some might make the case that children with autism shouldn’t be on dairy-free diets, I say, “Make the dairy-free diet healthy and calcium rich.”

For those who say dairy is essential for adequate calcium intake, remember—If someone is unable to digest dairy and unable

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Fermented Foods Are Important To Autism Diet

Digestive issues are common in autism spectrum disorders, and fermented foods are a helpful dietary component for supporting and balancing the digestive system.  In fact, beneficial bacteria in these foods support many body systems and processes through the body.

Studies by researchers: Horvath, Wakefield, Levy, and Kushak highlight a myriad of gut problems present in children with autism, including abnormal stool (diarrhea, constipation), intestinal inflammation, and reduced enzyme function.  There are many causes for these imbalances—one of the most problematic is the use of antibiotics.  While they kill off bad “bugs,” these lifesaving drugs also wipe out the good bacteria

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