Top Lunchbox Picks for Back to School from a Nutritionist and Mom

Our school lunch with Planetbox lunchbox

Planetbox lunchbox

I have to admit that as a nutritionist and a mom, I’m a bit obsessed with lunchboxes and finding the perfect non-toxic lunch containers for my daughter (and myself).  I own and have tried many.  While all of my choices at home are BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free, I’m still not thrilled with plastic options.  I’m uncomfortable that they may find out that they are not as non-toxic as they think they are.  I try to avoid as much plastic as I can for this and many other reasons.

As such all of the products and lunchboxes here are BPA-, phthalate-, lead-free, and the food and beverage containers are also plastic-free.

Planetbox our family favorite. It has held up for years. It’s easy for little fingers to open. It has individual sections and there are no containers or lids to lose.

Here are some of the best choices for non-toxic options. Let us know your favorite!

Full Lunchbox System

Stainless lunchbox system with carrying case and place for water bottle. Be careful as not all of the compartments are water-tight although you can get waterproof containers that fit inside for yogurt, apple sauce, or anything liquid.  This is by far my favorite lunchbox system. My daughter has had this same lunchbox going on the third school year. Three years for a lunchbox is amazing! It’s very durable. There are thin ice packs to go with it and a carrying case.

Unique box design folds out for an eating surface and for easy washing. Does include “non-toxic” plastic containers, but consider using your own non-plastic containers instead.

Lunchbox Carrying Cases (fill with any of your own containers)

Mimi and the Sardine
Small and soft to squeeze in anywhere

Crocodile Creek
Basic/Classic Lunchboxes without lead or other toxins

Skip Hop, Zoo Lunchies
Adorable animal lunchboxes

Inside Lunchbox Containers

eco_recbox_03-300x214Lunchbots (stainless steel)

ECOlunchbox (stainless steel)

Reusable Sandwich Bags



Water Bottle (Metal-Free)

Finally a glass water bottle that doesn’t break, and no more metal tasting water!  Glass water bottles with a silicone sleeve. 9 oz bottles fit well into most lunch boxes.  Even better, these are Life Factory’s baby bottles with a solid cap so they can be reused after baby is older or purchased new if you’re just discovering them.  They also have 12, 16 and 22 oz sizes with straw, sport, and screw on tops.

Clingwrap (Plastic-free)

Cotton with beeswax coating


Share your favorites!

Pictured above: ECOlunchbox Three-in-one

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  1. Kara September 14, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    Life factory bottles are awesome & don’t break easily. I dropped my 22 oz. Bottle today at waist height, full of water, on to gravel, & it didn’t break!

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