Watermelon Cupcakes


Are you looking for a dessert that is festive and delicious?

Did you know, on average…

Kids eat 66 grams of sugar per day, two and a half times what’s recommended. And it equals 53 POUNDS of sugar per year!

Sugar sweetened beverages make up 47% of this sugar and sweet snacks and desserts make up 31%!

For a fun, festive and healthier alternative…

Try Watermelon Cupcakes!

They are a great treat that is much lower in sugar but still colorful and beautiful. So while they contain some natural sugar from the fruit, it’s much less than what’s found in a cupcake.

And they also contain important nutrients and fiber for a healthy gut.

Furthermore, they are allergen-friendly and something your whole family can get involved in too! The directions are so easy and customizable to what your family likes to or can eat on their special diet!

So for your next birthday or holiday gathering, try these Watermelon Cupcakes.


1 seedless watermelon
1 basket strawberries
1 container blueberries


I started by cutting my watermelon in half (cross-section, not end to end) and made a 2 ½ to 3-inch slice. I then cut the rind off the watermelon slice.

I used a round 2 ½ inch cookie cutter to create cupcake shapes. This is something kids can help with!

Then, I took an excess watermelon piece or two, and cut into thinner ½ inch slices. I used a heart cookie cutter to make small hearts for decorating.

You can get as creative as you want and decorate with fruit as you’d like. You can either place the fruit loosely on top or use toothpicks to secure pieces. For kids, I like to place it loosely so there are not too many toothpicks.

I used one toothpick in the center of each cupcake, pushing it ¾ of the way in, and pushed the heart on top of the toothpick as a cupcake topper. * Always make sure to remove all toothpicks before eating the cupcake.

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