The Easiest Shishito Peppers


Have you tried shishito peppers?  They are an incredible Asian pepper with no heat and such a great flavor profile. They are rich in vitamin C and also contain vitamin B6, K, and E.  They are also one of the easiest dishes you can create in a really convenient short amount of time.  This recipe is so simple. I would love to hear from you if you try it!  To cook the peppers, simply place them in a pan with some heat, a little oil, and saute around until the skins are browned or moderately charred. Add some salt (or whatever you prefer) and enjoy!  Pro-Gardening Tip: Did you know that green shishito peppers are actually unripe peppers? If you’ve seen them in restaurants or in the grocery store, you find them unripe! The ripened shishitos are actually red in color.  If you find them red, you can actually plant those seeds in next year’s garden as the seeds have matured fully.


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