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Why Diet Matters Copy

Why Diet Matters for Children with ADHD and Autism by Julie MatthewsIf your child is neurodivergent, you may find it frustrating to be told by doctors that there's not much they can do. If your child has ADHD they can go on medication – but what about the side...

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The Feingold Diet and Failsafe Diets

The Feingold Diet and Failsafe Diets The Feingold Diet for ADHD and Autism The Feingold Diet is an elimination diet that removes artificial food additives, as well as foods high in salicylates. This is one of the diets I have found to be most helpful for people with...

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(Go straight to the recipes) Nuts are a common allergen. Nuts are also high in oxalates and salicylates/phenols, so many people avoid nuts.  I have many clients with nut allergies and intolerances, so I have created recipes to help. Be sure to read all of the...

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Egg-Free, Nut-Free, and Elimination Diets

(Go straight to the recipes) Egg-Free Eggs are a common allergen, in children and adults alike. They can make a special diet that much more challenging to do, so we at Nourishing Hope are here to help. Eggs are typically used for three main functions: 1) leavening, 2)...

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