Sharing my heart… on my birthday

Me and my very good friend, Terri Hirning. She was initially my client (as a go-getter autism parent), became one of my most trusted mom friends, and now she’s an amazing practitioner helping families. I’m blessed to have met her.

Today’s my birthday!

As I reflect on my 48 years on this planet, I want to share what’s in my heart.

I’m so grateful for all of my autism parents.

My life is so significantly enriched with you in it.

You are brave.

You are real.

You are aware and open-minded.

You are loving.

You are strong.

You inspire me every day.

What could be better than spending my days supporting you… and learning from you.

I’m grateful.

Life isn’t always easy. We all have our struggles. We all have our wounding. And if you knew mine, you would realize that in many ways we are alike, just with a different set of struggles.

I have methylation issues and anxiety, as many of my autism families. I’m emotionally sensitive and sometimes (fortunately, not too often) I’m blindsided by depression.

Most are surprised to find I struggle as I do. (Life looks so perfect with the “sizzle reel” of Facebook. Doesn’t it?)

Sometimes I find life hard. As I know many of you do.

I’m not comparing my situation to an autism family’s, I’m just saying there is so much we can gain from each other…

Learning about healing. Compassion. Unconditional love.

And I have learned strength from you.

And helping your children and families has given my life meaning and purpose, and strength in my darkest days.

Last week when my husband and I were in Sedona, we came across Robert, the flute player, at Boynton Canyon Vortex.

He gave us hearts made from the red rock, and he played 7 songs. I wish I remembered all of them. The three I remember are LOVE and JOY… along with this one on LETTING IT GO.

I have struggled with this, as I tend to worry a lot.

So on my birthday, I’m going to set a prayer for releasing everything negative that does not serve me. To trust and have faith.

And if it feels good to you, I invite you to too.

Here is Robert perched on top of the red rocks, playing his flute, while I dance poi (a fire dancing, flow art form, that I use as meditation) as Martin, my husband, films.

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Stay the course. There are people who love you and support you.

You’ve enriched my 48 years on this planet. Sending you love on this special day.






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