Low Oxalate Kale Salad

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Low Oxalate Kale Salad

While most greens are high oxalate, it is not impossible to enjoy low oxalate greens. Lacinato kale, red kale, collard greens, and turnip greens are all leafy greens that are low oxalate. 

For this recipe, use lacinato kale, as it is the lowest in oxalate of the different kale choices.

1 cup of baby arugula
2 cup of chopped romaine lettuce
1 cup lacinato/dino kale leaves (de-stem, tear into pieces and massage)
1 red bell pepper chopped (or 5 mini bell peppers, sliced)
½ avocado
1 teaspoon roasted pumpkin seeds (sprinkle on individual salad, optional, 1 mg oxalate)

4 servings, 3.5 mg oxalate per serving

Mix all ingredients in the bowl.


Creamy Garlic Dressing

I love this creamy low oxalate dressing (here’s the recipe). It’s perfect for this kale salad.

I prefer to dress each salad individually.  To do so, pour one ounce of dressing to individual salad serving (for an additional 2.35 mg of oxalate).  Or if you prefer to toss it ahead of time, add 4 ozs. to the full salad, toss and serve.

Total oxalate for salad and dressing (with given serving sizes): 5:85 mg oxalate

Recipe and photo by Julie Matthews, ©Cooking to Heal


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