Julie Matthews Recognized for Global Impact of Nourishing Hope for Autism

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’m deeply touched to be honored by the National Association of Nutrition Professionals for my efforts in sharing an imperative message…that Food and Nutrition MATTER for children with autism, ADHD, and other childhood disorders.  I wanted to share my acceptance speech so you can hear what’s in my heart.



The passion that drives me everyday stems from the help and support these families need and the impact I see while working with them.

Since the onset of my nutrition career more than twelve years ago, I’ve firmly believed that strategic attention to dietary matters and nutritional intake could influence childrens’ health, learning, behavior – and hence their life potential.  This message is both simple, yet complex in that many circumstances influence each person’s respective health and possibility based on their bio-individuality.

Julie_NANPaward_smBut ONE THING is for sure, that putting attention on this approach – that believing in and taking action toward improved wellness through diet and nutrition choices (i.e. nourishing hope) is ALWAYS beneficial.  Nutrition is fundamental, and at no time in history has it been more imperative for us to remember this, study it, and teach each other the best practices based on prevailing science and experience.

I’ve been a proud member of NANP since the beginning and greatly appreciate their continued perseverance to positively influence our healthcare system, and support access to holistic nutrition advice.  On behalf of the parents, clinicians, caregivers, therapists, and other loved ones who tirelessly pursue childrens’ greatest potential and well being – I accept this IMPACT award with the humble commitment to press on with our collective efforts of nourishing hope.

Thank you for this honor.


Julie Matthews


Hi, I’m Julie Matthews, a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, and Published Researcher. I teach parents and practitioners that children with autism, ADHD, and related disorders can improve and heal, and that there’s hope for their children. Then I educate and empower them to make strategic dietary changes that positively affect children’s health, which in turn helps their learning and behavior. With 17 years of experience and my unique range of knowledge, from nutrition research and clinical experience to cooking in the kitchen for my own family, I’ve created a much-needed community for parents and practitioners looking to help children with autism live happy, healthy lives. Join us.

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11 responses to “Julie Matthews Recognized for Global Impact of Nourishing Hope for Autism”

  1. Julie, such a pleasure to be in attendance that night to see you receive this award. It is an honor to know you through your work and through NANP. Yes, we all continue on to serve our “tribe” to help them realize the benefits to eating REAL food. And, we all keep on fighting the battle with big AG and big government who allow things people eat to even be created in the first place . . . and then to call it food!
    Thanks again for all you do!

    Donna McIntosh, MS, CHFS

  2. Cynthia Oceguera says:


    This organization has helped many people who also share the passion for nutrition for people seeking new ideas and assistance to share the good advice of healthy food choices. Thank you for keeping mein the loop of communications for the population I serve is American Indian and hispanic communities.

    Congrats and again I thank you!

    Cynthia O. 🙂

  3. Lauren Zimet says:

    Julie, Your dedication and expertise help so many…
    Congratulations on your honor!
    Best regards,
    [email protected]

  4. Julie

    What a beautiful acceptance speech! You are doing such incredible work, what an honor for you and totally deserved! I was inspired by you and your work when I met you at the Berkeley Bauman College talk all those years ago and I continue to be inspired by you!

    Thank you for all you do, for blazing trails and for being you!

    Big hug!

  5. Kris Barrett says:

    Julie, Congratulations!! This is so well deserved. Thank you for blazing the path and helping SO many of us. I couldn’t think of anyone else who deserves this more. See you in Sydney next week.

  6. Robyn says:

    Congrats Julie,
    You have had an impact on my life, my daughter has autism, and your videos and books have sent me on a journey of health and recovery which is helping her develop and heal so much. Thank you for all that you do!

  7. Nancy Peregrine says:

    Your work has brought the importance of the food/mood connection & more to so many people…may your passion always carry you on!
    Best wishes in all your ventures,
    Nancy Peregrine

  8. Drake Sinclair says:

    Please investigate the medical use of Cannabis in treating Autism. This information came to me yesterday, and a friend posted the link to this site today. I don’t believe in randomness. I do believe in healing through diet and the healing plants. Here’s an example of what you will discover when you research this:

  9. Kate Barnes says:

    Wow Congratulations Julie!! Well done & so well deserved. You are a wonderful inspiration to me & so many others. Looking forward to seeing you, Martin & Ruby in Aus.

  10. Kim C says:


    You have been an inspiration to me ever since I heard you speak four years ago on a teleseminar. From that moment on, I decided I needed to do more for families who struggle with the frustrations of managing and healing a child or children with chronic illnesses.

    You have encouraged me to learn more, to educate myself, and to get out there and make a difference.

    I am now a presenter in my community on the topic of Food Allergies and Intolerances, and am starting my business as a Holistic Health Coach. My desire is to connect with the families of chronically ill children and provide nutrition support, education and hopefully healing from the illnesses.

    Thank you for all you do!

  11. Carla Coriaty-Hulla RD CDN says:

    Congratulations Julie!! Sorry I missed it! Keep it up girl! Your message is getting through loud and clear thanks to your amazing drive and passion. All our love to you from the East Coast!
    Carla and the entire PATH team!

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