Getting Your Hopes Up: Stories of Healing Thru Diet and Nutrition

I’m excited to announce my new blog series, Getting Your Hopes Up: Stories of Healing Thru Diet and Nutrition.

Each month, I’ll be posting stories direct from parents like you. In their own words, mothers and fathers will share their experiences of getting their hopes up by choosing to use food and nutrition to help their child with autism, ADHD, and other developmental delays.

As a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism and related disorders for the past ten years, I’ve personally connected with hundreds of families whose children have benefited from diet changes. Their stories range from modest to miraculous.

I want to share these stories with you, beginning now!  When you read the experiences of others parents, it helps to illustrate how “worth it” it is to “try the diet.” No one says it’s easy, but when you see other’s positive results, it helps you to believe and become inspired.

Strangely, just today I read a “news” article that discouraged parents from trying a special diet. It explained that the diet might be difficult, costly, and that after all your effort, it might not work. It told parents to not waste their time and money, and that it doesn’t work for everyone.

Such bogus articles are an insult to you and me, and the vast legions of parents globally. They conflict with the very laws of nature, science, and our own personal experiences by telling parents – “Don’t get your hopes up.  It might not work.  So don’t bother trying.”

With this new series of stories, I encourage you to, “Get your hopes up!” 

Try the diet.  It’s always worth it – the scientific rationale is unquestionable. Every child benefits from specialized attention to food and nutrition. I’ve never seen a child not benefit by putting attention on a healthier and specialized diet – and often the benefits are vast.  By sharing stories with one other, we can learn, grow, and help our children even more.

Some stories are of “recovery” from autism, some are of “improvements” and overall healing that highlights the power of food choices, nutrition supplementation, and dietary intervention.

Remember, there is no single “autism diet” that’s right for everyone. Each child’s circumstance, gastrointestinal condition, nutrient status, and individual biochemistry vary. That is why nourishing hope encompasses an array of adaptable dietary strategies, and the stories will represent varied diets, food choices, and supplements.

I hope you enjoy this series, learn something new, are inspired, and get your hopes up!


Hi, I’m Julie Matthews, a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, and Published Researcher. I teach parents and practitioners that children with autism, ADHD, and related disorders can improve and heal, and that there’s hope for their children. Then I educate and empower them to make strategic dietary changes that positively affect children’s health, which in turn helps their learning and behavior. With 18 years of experience and my unique range of knowledge, from nutrition research and clinical experience to cooking in the kitchen for my own family, I’ve created a much-needed community for parents and practitioners looking to help children with autism live happy, healthy lives. Join us.

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