Farmageddon Screening & Event in San Francisco: Sept 26th


Food Freedom for Our Families Nourishing Hope, in partnership with Nourishing Our Children, is co-hosting a fundraising gala event for Evergreen Acres Goat Farm that includes a “meet and greet”, a movie screening and panel discussion! Space is limited. Purchase tickets to this event here: – tickets to this event will be not be available at the box office. Details: A Special Event During the Premiere Week in San Francisco of Farmageddon–the Unseen War on Family Farms Monday, September 26, 2011 from 5:30 PM to 9:10 PM (PT) Co-hosted by Nourishing Hope and Nourishing Our Children Please join us for a fundraising gala event for Evergreen Goat Farm that includes a “meet and greet”, a movie screening and panel discussion: 5:30pm — Reception at 518 Valencia, San Francisco, CA 94110 Meet and Greet the Film Director, Kristin Canty Enjoy food samples that include: Organic Pasture’s raw milk and cheese, Evergreen Goat Farm’s raw milk and cheese, Grindstone Bakery’s bread and Vital Choice’s smoked salmon. House Kombucha and Drinkwell Softers will have their kombucha and soda for sale.  After the reception we will all walk to the Roxie Theatre nearby for the movie. 7:00pm — Farmageddon Movie Screening at the Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 8:30pm — Panel Discussion in Theatre Afterwards Randy Hartnell, Vital Choice Jessica Prentice,Three Stone Hearth Mark McAfee, Organic Pastures Mike and Jane Hulme, Evergreen Goat Farm Sandrine Hahn, Nourishing Our Children Julie Matthews, Nourishing Hope We are most grateful to our sponsors: Vital Choice – Grindstone Bakery Organic Pastures Evergreen Acres Goat Farm About your hosts: Nourishing Hope provides science-based nutrition and diet information and support to families of children with autism, ADHD (& other childhood imbalances), as well as women planning for healthy pregnancy. Nourishing Hope Founder, Julie Matthews, is an internationally respected Certified Nutrition Consultant and award-winning author, who has a private practice in San Francisco. Nourishing Our Children is a non-profit project of the Weston A. Price Foundation established to address the dramatic deterioration in the health of our children.  We offer a dynamic presentation that explains why many traditional foods now considered unhealthy, are in fact, vital to the growth and intellectual development of our children.  The presentation is given free of charge in the San Francisco Bay Area, and/or may be obtained as part of our educational materials.

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant who received her master’s degree in medical nutrition with distinction from Arizona State University. She is also a published nutrition researcher and has specialized in complex neurological conditions, particularly autism spectrum disorders and ADHD for over 20 years. Julie is the award winning author of Nourishing Hope for Autism, co-author of a study proving the efficacy of nutrition and dietary intervention for autism published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nutrients, and also the founder of Download her free guide, 12 Nutrition Steps to Better Health, Learning, and Behavior.


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