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Deviled Eggs for Halloween

I have to confess I’ve always LOVED deviled eggs.

I used to be embarrassed to say so – I always thought I was the only one. Deviled eggs seemed like a strange appetizer relic from the seventies. I assumed they would not be popular (or sophisticated) for a party. However, since I loved them, I started making them anyway. And I’ve learned, I’m not the only one! In fact, LOTS of people love deviled eggs, including children! They always run out quickly.

At a party recently I brought a dozen and a half, and all but two were gone in the first 5 minutes! And by the end of the party, they were all gone.

Deviled eggs are perfect for any party because they are high in protein (and fat)… and not in carbs. As an egg dish, they are naturally great for breakfast/brunch buffets. They also work for any time of the day. And are portable and finger foods so they are easy to eat anywhere.

Now, make sure you use pastured eggs, for beautiful and flavorful bright yellow/orange yolks.  Using homemade mayo is best, but either way, be sure not to over-mayo them.

Deviled eggs are a super-fast, healthy snack!  If you have hard-boiled eggs in stock, you can make deviled eggs in 5 or 10 minutes.

Here’s my recipe.

Deviled Eggs Recipe

GFCF, SCD/GAPS, Low Oxalate, Paleo

  • 12 eggs (pastured-raised)
  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise (homemade)
  • 1-2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

Sprinkle of salt and pepper

Garnish with fresh chives, or even salmon roe, if you have it.

Cook the eggs by hard-boiling them.  To do so, fill a pot halfway with water and bring to a gentle boil.  Carefully lower eggs one at a time in the water.  Set timer for 13 minutes, start timing once you start putting them in the water.  Turn up heat until water is boiling again and then adjust heat down to a gentle boil, move eggs around in the pan so that the yolk does not settle to one side.  Continue cooking until timer.  Do not over cook – yolks will be greenish and sulfur-smelling.

Drain water, and rinse eggs in cold water until pot and water is cool.

Peel eggs.  Slice eggs in half.  Put yolks into food processor bowl with rest of the ingredients (mayo, mustard, and salt and pepper).  Mix in a food processor.

Scoop yolk into white halves.  Garnish with chives, salmon eggs, chopped olives, or anything, or serve them plain.

Decorate Eggs


Cut pitted olive in half lengthwise for the body. Slice halved olive into legs, Cut the end off each leg to make them a big shorter if needed. Place the body first. Add the legs by placing partly under the body and press into the yolk.


Cut olive in half lengthwise for the body. slice two wings and two triangle ears and place on bat. Poke small eyes with toothpick and add a bit of yolk to color eyes.


Form yolk into pumpkin shape and add lines with a toothpick. Sprinkle with ground paprika and add chive for stem.

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One response to “Deviled Eggs for Halloween”

  1. Edi Pfeiffer says:

    Hi Julie,

    I love this idea for deviled eggs, and yes, everyone is happy to eat them at parties! Funny, I just had deviled eggs for lunch and I have to say, I love them with either ghee or soft raw butter instead of mayo. Great for some added fat. I usually add chives and/or parsley and celtic sea salt.