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Medical Journal Underscores Importance of Nutrition for Children with Autism

Fries and crackers.  Sausage and juice.  Cookies, pretzels, and chicken nuggets. Believe it or not, in some cases this is all that a child with autism eats. I had one client that only eat crackers and fries. Another that ate only sausage and juice. And the third: cookies, pretzels and chicken nuggets. As a nutritionist […]

Halloween – When You Don’t Eat Candy

This is the first year that our daughter really understands Trick or Treating. When she was just two, Trick or Treating was simple — she enjoyed collecting the pretty colored things (candy) from our neighbors, but didn’t really realize the candy was for eating, i.e. “food.”  Halloween was about getting dressed up, going out in […]

Study on Gluten Sensitivity in Autism Sheds Further Light on the Gluten-Free Diet

By Julie Matthews As a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism, I’ve spent the past twelve years researching and explaining the underlying scientific rationale for dietary intervention for affected children. The Research I’m surprised to still hear people say, “there is no research to support diet for autism.”  Of course there is, if anyone would […]

Deviled Eggs (RECIPE)

I have to confess I’ve always LOVED deviled eggs. I used to be embarrassed to say so – I always thought I was the only one.  Deviled eggs seemed like a strange appetizer relic from the seventies.  Throwing parties, I assumed they would not be popular. However, since I loved them, I started making them, […]

The Gaps in GAPS? What you need to know

As a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism for over ten years, I have found the GAPS Diet to be one of the most effective strategies for aiding health and healing. Extensive scientific research indicates that children with autism suffer from gastrointestinal disorders more than do neurotypical children [1],[2].  We also know that there is […]

Supplements for Autism and ADHD

When following any specialized diet for healing, you’ve got to know about supplements. After speaking with thousands of parents at conferences, webinars, and client appointments over the past ten years, I’ve realized that this is a topic of great confusion for parents. Awareness of the importance of supplementation typically begins with the issue of calcium. […]

Avoid Common Diet Pitfalls for Autism & ADHD

Webinar, Tuesday July 31st Are you doing the GFCF or SCD/GAPS diet and not seeing the results you expected? While following a special diet, there are many factors that might trip you up.  Once you see what they are, you can navigate past them. Avoid Mistakes and be More Effective.  On this webinar: Realize how […]

“Got Camel Milk?” in The Autism File Magazine

Interview with Author, Christina Adams I love synchronicity. I’ve been writing for the Autism File Magazine for a few years now. In a recent telephone conversation with the Editor, Rita Shreffler, we were tossing around ideas for articles and I mentioned “camel milk.”  Rita said that Christina Adams just finished an amazing article on camel […]

CBS NEWS – Nutritionist Mom Livid at CDFA’s Raw Milk Meddling (VIDEO)

This news story conveys the audacity of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and the personal impact of their actions upon my natural, healthful family – and local respectful farmers. My wife, Julie Matthews is among the worlds leading nutritionists specializing in autism, as well as healthy pregnancy and babies. She knows a […]

Camel Milk: Healing or Hype?

Drink camel’s milk?  Really?  And, for those who cannot drink the milk from a goat or cow, is it possible camel’s might be for you? As a nutritionist for children with autism for 10 years, my research and clinical experience indicate that most children with autism cannot adequately tolerate dairy. Particularly, their bodies have challenges […]

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