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The Science and Healing of Traditional Diets for Autism

While much has been written about the most popular and effective autism diets, GFCF and SCD/GAPS, there’s been little investigation of the tenets of Traditional diets. Throughout history and driven by survival and evolution, the varied human cultures of the world inherently learned which foods and ways of being supported their health. And, there are […]

Limit Sugar for Good Health

Most nutritionists recommend avoiding sugar in the diet—and applying this basic notion to autism makes sense.  Not only is excessive sugar a problem in conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Sugar affects many of the system frequently weak in autism, therefore negatively affecting symptoms and biochemistry for people with autism. Sugar depresses the […]

Cookware and Storage: What are Non-Toxic Choices

We often spend a lot of time talking about what foods to eat and not eat regarding diet for autism.  However, we spend less time on how to prepare the food, cook it, and store it.  You don’t need fancy, expensive equipment, but you will want pots and pans as well as storage containers from […]

How to get Calcium on a Dairy-Free Diet

Calcium-Rich Foods for Casein-Free Diets Calcium is an important nutrient.  It’s essential for strong bones, as well as supporting muscle contraction, heart function, and neurotransmitter release. Studies show that children with autism are often deficient in calcium.  There are also studies showing that children with autism on special diets are even more deficient in calcium.  […]

Top Food Allergens and Sensitivities: Gluten, Casein, Soy and Corn

The top allergenic foods for Americans are: gluten, casein, soy, and corn, as well as eggs, citrus, chocolate, cane sugar, seafood and shellfish, peanuts and nuts.  Today we are going to talk about the top 4. Food allergies and sensitivities (and their accompanying symptoms) are common in children with autism and they often react poorly […]

Study Showing that GFCF Diet May Positively Affect ASD

Here’s a recent study that has not gotten any press showing that the GFCF diet may positively affect autism.  It followed a larger group of children for 12 months, not four weeks like the other study in the news lately.  Why did the media not cover this one? Researchers stated, “Our results suggest that dietary intervention […]

Celiac Disease Presenting as Autism

The Journal of Child Neurology published a special article online June 29, 2009 (published ahead of printing) entitled “Celiac Disease Presenting as Autism.” The article is a case study of a 5-year-old boy diagnosed with autism and celiac disease. The boy was described as “an increasingly picky eater and would reject food on the basis […]

Julie in the Examiner!

We were thrilled to see this article about Julie, Nourishing Hope’s award, and the benefit of autism diets in the news! Finally this important subject is getting out in the media in order to reach the families that don’t have this information yet. As more families read about how diet helps, more children will benefit. […]

Neocate is GMO-Free!

I was relieved to find out that Neocate products are GMO-free and safe with corn allergies! Children with gastrointestinal impairment (and those who often don’t eat adequate solid foods to meet their nutritional needs) often benefit from Neocate Junior.  It is a “hypoallergenic amino acid-based medical food” (a powdered formula) that is gluten-, casein-, and […]

Conference Discusses Whether Diet Can Heal Autism

by Diane Rusignola ORIGINAL POSTING For the parents of children with autism, social and communicative symptoms are complicated with physical problems like constipation, diarrhea, digestive pain and gas. Can putting a child on a special diet really reduce or even eliminate autism though? “We know that kids with autism have nutrient deficiencies,” said San Francisco-based […]

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