Diet is a powerful tool for autism support and recovery!

We hear so many inspiring stories, we wanted to share them with you so you could see the power of diet as well.  We hope you find the stories as inspiring as we do.

Read what parents are saying about how diet helped their child–hear the stories of how dietary changes are helping children and families around the world. See what parents and clinicians are saying about Julie Matthews, Nourishing Hope for Autism, her Cooking To Heal class, and the live autism conferences she holds (Autism: Hope in Action).

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Here are some quotes from doctors and parents on Nourishing Hope and Julie Matthews

“One word sums up Nourishing Hope – fantastic!  Julie Matthews has done a masterful job at breaking down the complexities of the various medical diets, i.e. GF/CF, Specific Carbohydrate, Low Oxalate into an easy and understandable format. Her knowledge of nutrition and how to incorporate healthy eating for autism-spectrum children is truly unique.  As a biomedical physician of many years I have searched for a nutritionist that I can refer parents to for help in navigating the special dietary needs of their children.  Julie’s book Nourishing Hope and her one-on-one consultation service has become the answer.  She is a great asset to my patients, and the biomedical autism community at large.”

— Dr. Kurt Woeller, D.O.

“I just want to applaud Julie Matthews for creating an outstanding presentation!! I knew she was good, but I had no idea HOW good! She managed to pack all of the most essential information into 2.5 hours of time. She touched not only on why diet is SO important to health, but she also touched on, autism statistics as they relate to diet, the purpose and science behind each of the special “diets”, specific toxins to avoid, gene variances, the methylation pathway, supplementation and why it’s often necessary at high doses with our kids, that folic acid is often not converted well for certain gene variants, how to help picky eaters and even had info on the latest cerebral folate deficiency! I’m sure I am not even remembering it all, but I HIGHLY recommend seeing her whenever possible and, if you know someone who needs help, I would suggest her book which also contains all of this fabulous information. My friend Jennifer elbowed me and said, “Are you sure you aren’t related to her?” and my response was, “She is who I want to be when I grow up!” =)”

— Jessica Tilson Galligani, Mother and Blogger:  http://grayson-youarewhatyoueat.blogspot.com

I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful your book Nourishing Hope has been.   You are a brilliant, caring nutritionist and a great writer.  As the coordinator of the Defeat Autism Now! Conferences and a pediatric nurse for 30 years, I know beyond any doubt that diet is a key component of any effective and comprehensive program designed to treat, and in some cases recover children from autism.   Nourishing Hope provides parents and clinicians with both the scientific background on why this is so, and offers practical guidance on ways to make dietary changes real for every affected child.

— Maureen H. McDonnell, RN

“Julie joins a small group of doctors, researchers and parents who believe there are reasons to be hopeful and interventions worth trying. Nourishing Hope covers the complex topics of environmental, biochemical, and nutritional factors affecting our children with clear explanations and helpful suggestions. This is an important addition to the library of “must read” books for parents of autistic spectrum kids and the doctors who treat them.”

–  Lisa Lewis, Ph.D., Author, Special Diets for Special Kids

“Julie is a gifted nutritionist.  She elucidates the nuances and biochemical imbalances involved in ASD with a clear understanding of how to use nutrition and natural supplements to correct these imbalances. I encourage parents and practitioners alike to read Nourishing Hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize the health and well-being of these truly special children.”

–  Elisa Song, M.D., Pediatrician and DAN! Doctor

“Diet is an essential first step to autism treatment. Julie’s written a comprehensive guide to understanding how diet affects these children and why there is hope for autism. Nourishing Hope helps me support my patients by providing both complex scientific information and practical steps for implementing a healthy diet for children with autism.”

– Nancy O’Hara, M.D., Board Certified Pediatrician

“Nourishing Hope is an excellent resource for both families with ASD children and the clinicians treating them. Julie Matthews has done a superb job in bringing together vital, complex information and distilling it into a single no-nonsense, easy-to-use guide through the maze of ASD interventions, and succeeds in doing just as it claims: Nourishing Hope.”

– Kara N. Fitzgerald, N.D., Department of Science and Education, Metametrix Clinical Laboratory

“Julie Matthews’ approach to nutrition, diet and supplementation provides a unique blend of traditional and holistic approaches. Her mastery of these is superb and very practical.”

– John Hicks, M.D., Medical Director, Pathways Medical & Holistic Health Center

Love Nourishing Hope, it saved my kids life! Thanks so very much! — Christi Schmidt

Have been reading your book on a daily basis dear Julie, my daughter has been responding well to her GFCF diet now for nearly 3 months. Your book is very helpful and supportive, and I am amazed at each new fact I read each day. — Rachel A.


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