Personalized Probiotics & Diet
for The Microbiome and Gut Health

Research Roundtable

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A healthy microbiome is crucial for good health.

This roundtable will share the latest science on the microbiome; how it can cause severe neurological symptoms and health challenges when out of balance.

We’ll discuss how improving the microbiome can have profound benefits, even with symptoms of autism.

Participating in this discussion:

James B. Adams, Ph.D., President’s Professor, Arizona State University
Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Ph.D. Director, Biodesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes
Sunny Jain, M.S., Chief Executive Officer of Sun Genomics
Julie Matthews, N.C., Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism with Nourishing Hope
We will talk about: 
  • The importance of the microbiome for gastrointestinal health
  • How food and diet affects the microbiome and gut health
  • Research on the microbiome in autism
  • Microbiome testing and the use of customized probiotics
  • And how to get involved in the research trial that is going on right now for people with autism

Your Host Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and published researcher specializing in complex neurological conditions, particularly autism. She is the author of the award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, and co-author of a study proving the efficacy of nutrition and dietary intervention for autism published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nutrients.  Julie helps parents and practitioners improve health and healing through strategic dietary intervention. Her approach, methodology, and training programs serve the BioIndividual Nutrition® needs of each person and stems from 20 years experience with autism.