Personalized Diet and Nutrition Consultation with Julie Matthews

One-on-one consultations are the most meaningful work we do at Nourishing Hope.

As a Nourishing Hope for Healing Kids member, you have the option of working with Julie one-on-one. She has openings for 5 families at this time.

Please contact Nourishing Hope to schedule an initial consultation with Julie.

Comprehensive Appointment Details and Inclusions


Download the appropriate Intake Forms (below). Fill them out as completely and frankly as possible, and send them back to Julie via e-mail ([email protected]). Please include a recent photograph (jpeg) of your child (so Julie can put a face to the name (not to show anything physical).  You can download a WORD DOCUMENT (type and “save as”) or PDF file below (either way, I need to receive back a signed PDF or Photo of the Service Agreement Page). Prior to your initial appointment, Julie will review your Nutrition Questionnaire and any information you want to share:

INITIAL Appointment

(one-on-one 90 minutes)
by Telephone/Skype,
or in person

  • Comprehensive intake: discuss details: history, current diet, special dietary preferences (sensory issues?), family history, supplementation, goals, collaboration with other practitioners etc.
  • Assess nutrition, dietary needs, dietary/environmental toxins. Immediate steps to get started right away, or make progress with current diet.
  • Discuss dietary options and determine diet & nutrition intervention strategy.
  • Intention is to advance your approach, uncover obstacles, expand overall diet and ensure adequate nutritional intake.

Between Appointments
Personalized Diet & Nutrition Plan “behind-the-scenes”
(60 minutes +)

  • Julie will create a customized diet and nutrition strategy plan based on your needs (or your child), goals, and circumstance.
  • Plan will include nutrition intervention, supplement suggestions, overview of longer term strategy, supporting information including research, resources, custom recipes, and more.

SECOND Appointment

(one-on-one – 60 minutes)
Action and Support Plan Discussion

  • You’ll receive the written plan via email. Then spend an hour with Julie to discuss the details of the recommended actions and support approach.
  • Together you’ll determine a workable implementation strategy and options, and identify areas for additional support. Set goals and actions for next appointments.


Follow-up Appointments

  • FOUR 30-minute sessions, to be used for one-on-one appointments including diet/supplement refinement, new lab reviews, Q&A, or “behind-the-scenes work,” progress reports, nutritional analysis, custom meal plans and rotation diets, and more (time can be combined as needed) 

5 ½ hours Consultation time

Comprehensive One-on-One with Julie Matthews
(everything above) – $1295

Nourishing Hope for Healing Kids participants save $200

Download Intake Forms

ASD Intake Form – PDF  WORD

Other – Child Intake Form – PDF  WORD