Masterclass: Nutrition for Better Mood & Behavior

Proven Framework to Transform, ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety

Thursday, June 4th at 1:00pm Pacific   REPLAY AVAILABLE NOW!

In this 90 minute masterclass, Julie Matthews will give you the 12 step process that’s helped thousands around the world. These best-practices will help you make improvements that catapult you forward on nourishing hope for your child.


What to avoid and why Small food shifts that make a big difference
The science behind why some foods cause a reaction How to spot a reaction and what to do about it
Trigger foods that lead to tantrums and anxiety Meltdown-busting foods that create calm
Common foods & additives to ditch when your child can’t focus Brain boosting foods that support focus & attention
Foods that mess with your child’s (and YOUR) sleep Eating for a good night’s rest

Join the Masterclass and make this the best {behaved} summer ever!

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Your Host Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Certified Nutrition Educator, and published nutrition researcher specializing in complex neurological conditions, particularly autism spectrum disorders. She is the author of the award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, and co-author of a study proving the efficacy of nutrition and dietary intervention for autism published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nutrients. Julie’s approach is based on the BioIndividual Nutrition® needs of each person and stems from her 18 years of work with autism. Using autism as a model for complex chronic disease, her approach and methodology help practitioners specializing in varied disorders improve the health and healing of their clients through strategic BioIndividual Nutrition and dietary intervention. Julie has a private nutrition practice in San Francisco, California, and supports families and clinicians with her nutrition learning tools and professional training courses.