Attention Program Members….

Be an Inspiration to other parents by sharing your experience

Help them believe and take action with diet and nutrition

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To prepare…imagine this scenario: You meet another parent of a child with autism or related condition and they’re expressing hesitance about believing in or giving diet/nutrition changes a try – perhaps they question if the effort is worth it, or if it makes sense scientifically (i.e. can their child actually improve?). You’ve only got a couple minutes to impress upon them WHY it’s worth it to be nourishing hope and HOW being on this path has helped your child – and (we would appreciate) how Julie’s program was useful to you. 

Aim to address these questions….

  • How did nourishing hope help? (making strategic diet and nutrition choices, versus not)
  • What were things like for you beforehand? (symptom severity, behaviors, health, etc.)
  • What happened when you intervened (made changes) with diet and nutrition? (a specialized diet)
  • Belief, effort, struggle, cost, etc. – in a nutshell, HOW was it worth it?
  • How did Julie’s Nourishing Hope program support your success? (get you going/inspire refinements)

2 minutes-ish is ideal, cover main points of motivation, action, and results.

Please practice a couple times before you hit the “Record” button…

Your contribution to our shared mission is greatly appreciated!

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