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I am Certified Nutrition Consultant and specialist in “nutrition intervention” for autism, which comprises deep understanding of biochemistry and the role of food, nutrition, and supplementation in the restoration of health and well-being.

As you embark on this learning, please know that there are ample resources to help you be effective at following any healing diet for autism. My website includes many articles, videos (on YouTube), and be sure to visit my blog as well. My work is respected among autism medical professionals and parents around the world. I’ll help your understand, apply, and customize dietary strategies – as there is no “one size fits all” approach for children.

  • Part 1- Why and How Diet Helps Autism:

    Explains the underlying scientific rationale for diet changes, and the focus of nutrition intervention on health and behavior.

  • Part 2- Understanding Food Allergens, Sensitivities, and Substitutes:

    Explains food allergens and sensitivities common in autism and how to address them.

  • Part 3- Focusing on a Healthy Diet:

    Provides an overview of the most effective dietary strategies suggested by doctors and used by parents to help their children.

  • Part 4- Fundamentals of Implementing a Special Diet:

    Addresses the practical aspects of following and cooking for a special diet.

  • Part 5- Help for Picky Eaters:

    Gives practical advice on expanding diet and providing adequate nutrition for picky eaters.

Please feel free to REFER others to this Guide – as it may help them understand WHY you are undertaking a strategic and calculated food intake regime (healing diet) for your child. I’m here to help you and will stay in touch with further helpful information, tools, and special offers from our sponsor/collaborators. You are not alone in this journey.

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Julie Matthews, CNC

Certified Nutrition Consultant

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