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Parents &

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Health Practitioners

“Once you understand which foods may be causing the problem, you can then start to decipher which diet is best for that individual.”

Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant
Founder: Nourishing Hope and BioIndividual Nutrition Institute

Hi, I’m Julie Matthews.

Certified Nutrition Consultant,
Educator, Author, & Published Researcher

I teach parents and practitioners that children with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and other needs can improve and heal, and that there’s hope for your children. 
Then I educate and empower you to make strategic personalized nutrition and dietary changes that positively affect children’s bodies, which in turn helps their focus, mood, and behavior. With my unique range of knowledge, from nutrition research and clinical experience to cooking in the kitchen for my own family, I’ve created books, programs, and a much-needed community for parents and practitioners looking to help children with autism – and all children – live happy, healthy lives.