Our Team

The Nourishing Hope team are dedicated professionals who have come together to proactively help children and families who are living with autism. We believe that in order to bring about change in the health of these children, it is imperative to effectively apply autism diet, nutrition and supplementation principles. We are at the forefront of nutrition intervention science and bring that information directly to you through our one-on-one practice and information exchange through our published work, web site, public events, newsletter and facebook group.

Nourishing Hope is led by one of the leading autism nutrition professionals in the nation, Julie Matthews. She is recognized by families and professionals around the world as a top Certified Nutrition Consultant and autism nutrition specialist. We reach out to the best autism MDs, wellness professionals, feeding specialists, nutritionists, professional chefs, autism organizations and other nutrition-focused entities in order to bring families the best resources to support healing for your children.

Martin Matthews

Co-founder & Director

With true entrepreneurial spirit and expertise, Martin guides Nourishing Hope in business development and operations. He manages the infrastructure of our practice as well as our global outreach strategy. Martin has an uncanny ability to connect with autism professionals and families that we serve; making sure their every need is met as they partner with our practice and resources. Martin’s inspiration provides our practice with the vision that is necessary for us to grow into an autism wellness organization that meets the needs of families and professionals wordwide.

Martin’s background in organizational psychology has helped Nourishing Hope become a leading global autism diet and nutrition outreach center. He works daily to bring together parents, professionals and resources that allow for hope for autism recovery. He understands that hope is that catalyst for action, that “better” is always possible, and believes that children on the spectrum deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. He is well respected by national autism organizations, fellow wellness professionals and parents in the autism community. Martin networks with autism programs in the US and abroad. Martin can be reached at

Jeannine Haugan-Olson

Director of Marketing, Public Relations & Parent Outreach

Jeannine Haugan-Olson reaches out to parents worldwide on behalf of Nourishing Hope through online support groups, organizations and our Facebook Group in order to bring critical autism nutrition information, resources, event details and diet support to parents and professionals. She has spent over 16 years in marketing, PR, event planning and communications working with Silicon Valley technology organizations, the medical sector and small businesses.

As a mom to a toddler, Jeannine is dedicated to parents who are searching for information and support as they explore and implement autism diet, nutrition and supplementation in an effort to help their children. She is our key liaison to autism publications, organizations, blogs and other global media outlets. Parents connect with Jeannine regularly for autism practice resources, published articles and volunteer opportunities. Jeannine can be reached at

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