Julie Matthews speaks a lot about the useful role of digestive enzymes. Enzymes are a very helpful supplement that support digestion by breaking down a variety of foods. For ten years, Houston Enzymes has been one of Julie’s personal and recommended favorites for clients. Devin Houston is a most respected expert, and presents at conferences worldwide.

From Julie… “Houston Enzymes provides a good variety and options for everyone. You can pick and choose specific enzymes for your specific needs, or use a complete enzyme with everything all-in-one. My favorites: I use the ZymePrime at home and the AFP Peptizyde when I’m not sure of gluten contamination. Many of my clients like No Fenol and TriEnza – two unique products in the industry.”

30 Minutes with Devin Houston (VERY informative) –

Earlier this year, Dr. Devin Houston joined Julie at several live events and presented a VERY pointed and informative 30-minute presentation about Enzymes and Autism

Listen to the Presentation: 


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