What You Need to Know About Nutrition and Learning

The Latest Childhood Stats are Disturbing

1 in 6 children have ADHD and 1 in 59 children have autism.

There is something you can do about it using nutrition!

Because body and brain are intricately connected, that means what you feed your child matters for brain development, language skills, attention, focus, sensory issues, sleep, eye contact, and so much more.

But, how do parents get started with the right, most effective therapeutic plan that best fits their child? Because the fact is, one food that supports one child nutritionally can cause aggression, meltdowns and bed-wetting in another! Even “healthy” foods can cause mood, attention, and learning issues depending on your child’s unique biochemistry.

That’s where my resources come in!

Hi, I’m Julie Matthews.

Certified Nutrition Consultant,
Educator, Author, & Published Researcher

I teach parents and practitioners that children with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and other needs can improve and heal, and that there’s hope for your children. 
Then I educate and empower you to make strategic personalized nutrition and dietary changes that positively affect children’s bodies, which in turn helps their focus, mood, and behavior. With my unique range of knowledge, from nutrition research and clinical experience to cooking in the kitchen for my own family, I’ve created books, programs, and a much-needed community for parents and practitioners looking to help children with autism – and all children – live happy, healthy lives.

With the rising rates of childhood disorders – information on how to use nutrition to boost the health, learning, and behavior of your child is vital!

My 12 Step guide walks you through the most effective techniques, gathered from over 20 years as an autism nutrition specialist and researcher, to support your child through diet and nutrition. This is cutting-edge information is backed by nutrition science to provide clinically proven techniques to get results fast.