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Personalized Nutrition for Autism

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Science-Based Topics & Presentations

Because the body and brain are connected, you can positively influence childhood disorders by making strategic diet and nutrition choices.

Discover WHY food affects health, learning, and behavior & HOW to make improvements that help children thrive.

Julie Matthews, NC

Food Matters for Autism and ADHD

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD

The Whole Body Approach to Improving Autism

James Adams, PhD

The Scientific Evidence That Nutrition Improves Autism Symptoms

Ben Lynch, ND

What to Know About Methylation and Autism

Julie Matthews, NC with Terri Hirning

Hidden (Biochemical) Reasons for Picky Eating and Strategies for Breakthrough

Peter Osborne

How Gluten and Grains Affect the Brain

William Walsh, PhD and Albert Mensah, MD

Improving Methylation and Brain Chemistry with Customized Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids

Donna Gates

Body Ecology, Genetics, and Pregnancy Nutrition for a Healthy Child

Julie Matthews, NC with Trudy Scott

BioIndividual Nutrition for Autism and Related Conditions (ADHD and Anxiety)

Susan Owens, MS

Oxalates, the Inflammasome, Autoimmunity and Autism

Terry Wahls, MD

Wahls Protocol for Children with Special Needs

Maya Shetreat, MD

The “Dirt” That Your Doctor is not Telling You About (Mitochondrial Dysfunction)

Elisa Song, MD

Strengthening Your Child’s Immune System and Autism as a Neuroimmune Condition

Kurt Woeller, DO

Integrative Medicine for Autism; Insights from 20 Years of Practice

+ Real Parent Experiences:
Personalized Nutrition in Action

Amanda Vontelas

McKayla Leber

Joe Conte

Katie Keene

Paula Eaton

Your Host: Julie Matthews, MS

Since 2002, Julie Matthews is a leading expert in the science and application of therapeutic diets and nutrition for autism, ADHD, and related childhood disorders. Her award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, and online programs, guide parents and practitioners to make food and nutrition choices that help improve health and symptoms. Julie is co-author of “gold standard” scientific research that substantiates her approach. She founded Nourishing Hope and BioIndividual Nutrition Institute to further the practice of personalized nutrition.

Julie has curated the leading researchers, medical doctors, and nutrition and health professionals to present the science, clinical results, and steps that can be taken right away.

Nutrition Improves Autism Symptoms

  • Cognition/Thinking

  • Play Skills

  • Expressive Language/Speech

  • Receptive Language/Comprehension

  • Attention/Focus

  • Aggression

  • Stools/GI Problems

  • Sociability

  • Eye Contact

  • Sleep

  • Seizures

  • Anxiety

  • Self-Harm

  • Irritability/Mood

  • Hyperactivity

  • Tantrums/Meltdowns

  • Depression

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