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Julie Matthews Takes Autism Diet Message Global

Sharing the Nourishing Hope Message with Parents

Parents deserve to know and understand every helpful healing option for their child. Many children with autism exhibit demonstrable physical symptoms that go unaddressed due to a narrow focus of autism as a strictly psychiatric disorder. However, significant scientific data and overwhelming anecdotal analysis indicate a link between autism symptoms and diet. Doing her part to spread autism treatment awareness, Julie speaks to parents, physicians and wellness professionals at leading biomedical autism conference venues and small parent events to share the knowledge and inspiration of hope for autism.

Leading autism practitioners believe that diet is the most important place to begin treatment upon diagnosis. As an international leading advocate of diet for autism, Julie has expanded her efforts to inform parents and healthcare practitioners about the importance of autism diet, nutrition intervention and supplementation. Julie believes parents should be fully informed about the treatment options available to their children and the need for conscious attention to the special nutritional requirements of kids on the spectrum.

In her presentation and interviews, Julie explains the scientific rationale for special diets, the gut-brain connection, foundations of a healthy diet, autism specific diet options, and particulars on getting started and evolving special diets for children with autism. She is rich with personal insights that help support and encourage parents as they successfully implement nutrition intervention.

If you would like to invite Julie to your conference or parent group, or would like to collaborate with us to bring Julie to your city send an email to [email protected]CLICK HERE to view a SAMPLE of a Live Event Program with Julie.

Nutritional Therapy Association – National Conference
Seattle, WA – March 17-20, 2016



2015….didn’t update website

2014 Diet and Nutrition Education Programs

The Future of Nutrition Online Conference
January, 27-31, 2014

FONCtemplate-Julie Matthews

Healing Our Children WORLD SUMMIT 2014
February 18th, 2014

Nutritional Therapy Association – National Conference
Seattle, WA – March 21-23, 2014


Medical Academy of Pediatric Needs (MEDMAPS)
Costa Mesa, CA – March 27-31, 2014

Give Autism a Chance Summit
Austin, TX – April 12th, 2014

Living With Autism Workshop 2014
Troy, MI – April 25th, 2014


Autism Innovative Insights
Santa Cruz, CA – June 28th, 2014

Kadlec Neurological Resource Center
Richland, WA – August 12th, 2014


US Autism and Asperger Association National Conference
Kansas City, MO – September 4-7, 2014


Julie’s presentation sponsored by SPEECH NUTRIENTS

Thinking Moms Revolution – eConference
October 7, 2014


Autism Education Summit
Dallas, TX – October 17-19, 2014


National Autism Association – Annual Conference
St. Petersberg, FL – November 17-19, 2014


2013 Diet and Nutrition Education Programs

Autism Statewide Awareness Project
Reno, NV – January 30th, 2013

Travis Air Force Base –
TFB, CA – February 12th, 2013

Medical Academy of Pediatric Needs (MEDMAPS)
Costa Mesa, CA – March 21-22

All About Autism EXPO
Raleigh, NC – March 23-24, 2013


Mindd International Forum on Children
Sydney, Australia – May 17-20, 2013


Nourishing Hope for Children – Autism/ADHD Food & Nutrition Workshop
Perth, Australia – May 26, 2013


Nourishing Hope for Children – Autism/ADHD Food & Nutrition Workshop
Sunshine Coast, Australia – June 2, 2013

US Autism and Asperger Association National Conference – Salt Lake City, UT – August 15-18, 2013



Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference
Chicago, IL – September 20-22, 2013


Medical Academy of Pediatric Needs (MEDMAPS)
Tampa, FL – October 3-5


2012 Diet and Nutrition Education Programs

East Coast Tour – April 2012

  • Boston
  • Washington, D.C
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Wilmington, DE
  • New York, NY

Autism Society National Conference
San Diego, CA – July 28th, 2012

US Autism and Asperger Association National Conference
Denver, CO – September 7-9 2012

Autism Conferences of America
Phoenix, AZ – September 13-14 2012

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference
Santa Fe, NM – September 21-23

2011 Diet and Nutrition Education Programs

January 16th – Bay Area ADD-ADHD and Autism Conference- San Jose, CA-  Register

March 25th – Montreal, Canada

Julie has been invited by Autisme Montreal to present at their annual Medical Autism Conference on the vital role of autism nutrition and diets.

April 2nd – Toronto, Canada

Nourishing Hope is collaborating with local parents and autism groups to create its second Autism: Hope in Action biomedical autism workshop – now in Toronto, Canada.

April 8-9 – Vancouver, Canada

Julie is very excited to be returning to Vancouver with her friends from Autism Today for their Biennial Congress 2011 – the theme: “Autism Through the Lifespan.

August 7th – Gold Coast Australia

August 12-13 – Sydney, Australia

Julie returns to Australia to educate parents and clinicians in Sydney.


August 21st – Perth Australia

September 20th, Phoenix, Arizona

October 22nd, San Jose, CA – Morgan CenterDETAILS

2010 Diet and Nutrition Education Programs

January 15-16 – Nutrition for Pregnancy and Healthy Baby – San Francisco, CA

January 30 – Autism: Hope in Action – San Francisco, California

(March 20th – had a baby!)

May 1 – National Association of Nutrition Professionals, Burlingame, CA

May  27-29 – AutismOne/Generation Rescue Conference Chicago, IL

October 7-9 – Defeat Autism Now! Long Beach, CA


2009 Diet and Nutrition Education Programs

February 28 – Autism Bienniel Conference – Vancouver, Canada

April 14-19 – Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) – Atlanta, Georgia

May 12 – Autism Asperger ACT Event – Canberra, Australia

May 16-19 – Mindd International Forum – Sydney, Australia

May 20-24 – Autism One Conference – Chicago, Illinois

June 14 – Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) – Mini DAN! – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

June 17 – FEAT Autism Diet Education Session – MIND Institute/UC Davis, California

July 9-12 – US Autism & Asperger Association – Los Angeles, California

July 22-25 – Autism Society of America – St. Charles, Illinois

August 15 – Autism Back-to-School Conference/Mini DAN! – Pasadena, California

August 22 – Comprehensive Biomedical Treatment – Temecula, California

October 8-12 – Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) – Dallas, Texas

November 7 – C.A.R.E., Pinnacle Academy – Bradenton, Florida

November 12-15 – National Autism Association – Weston, Florida

November 21 – Making Healthy Babies, Raising Health Children – Berkeley, California



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