Body Ecology Diet

If a child’s pediatrician has performed yeast tests and they have come back positive, many parents consider implementing the Body Ecology Diet along with physician recommended yeast removal treatments. When there is a systemic yeast diagnosis, it’s important for parents to know that they are not alone. Many children with autism have problems with yeast growth in their systems and help for this condition is well within reach. Yeast is known as a “bad gut bug”. In order to combat these bad gut bugs that cause children to experience lethargy, spaciness, inappropriate laughter, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, joint/muscle pain, and poor memory some parents implement the Body Ecology Diet. It provides the child with autism with a system of healing that establishes and nourishes the growth of beneficial bacteria and balances the digestive tract.

Regarding this bacteria, Donna Gates, the creator of the Body Ecology Diet, says “this microscopic militia serves as a child’s key line of defense against disease-causing unfriendly microbes (bad gut bugs)” such as yeast. This diet is designed to help your child “cultivate, nourish, cleanse and repair their impaired inner ecosystem.” It is very important for parents of children autism understand that their digestive system is intimately linked to the immune, endocrine, circulatory, and central nervous system.

The Body Ecology Diet incorporates excellent principles of proper food combining, acid/alkaline balance with low acid-forming foods, low sugars and starches, easily digestible foods, fermented foods, and other solid nutrition recommendations to clear up candida overgrowth in the body. The diet allows a few grains such as quinoa, millet buckwheat, and amaranth when properly soaked. The Body Ecology Diet incorporates the addition of cultured foods, a change to the quality of fats and oils consumed and a drastic reduction in the intake of carbohydrates and sugars.

Acid/alkaline is the principle of eating mostly alkaline forming foods. This will assist the body in maintaining a slightly alkaline blood pH. When the body is too acidic it leaches alkalizing minerals from the bones to balance the pH. Alkalizing the system supports the health of the gut as well. The standard American diet is awfully acid forming: sugar, meat, processed foods, and refined grains and carbohydrates. As meat is acid-forming, this diet uses much less animal protein than the SCD and others. The most alkalizing foods are most mineral rich so vegetables top the list. The particular grains that are allowed are on the alkalizing side, while rice, wheat, oats, and most others are acid-forming. Note that acid-forming foods are not necessarily acidic foods. To fully understand and implement the Body Ecology Diet, a parent should visit and for educational information.

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