Autism Diet Articles

Julie has written many articles on the subject of autism diet, nutrition and supplementation. Our parents tell us that they are very useful for research and education – and getting started with autism diet implementation at home. Read and learn! Feel free to share this material with your support groups, organizations, parents and practitioners.

From The Autism File Magazine

Diet for Autism: Why and How it Helps
Diet for Autism: Focus on Getting Healthy
Diet for Autism: Food Sensitivities
Diet for Autism: Help For Picky Eaters
Diet for Autism: The Future of Food Affects Autism Recovery

Fit Parent Magazine, Fall 2009The Autism Diet: Early Biomedical Intervention Begins with Diet

Spectrum Magazine Book Review: Nourishing Hope for Autism


Early Biomedical Intervention Begins with Diet

Fermented Foods are Important to Autism Diet
Food Matters for Children with Autism
Which Autism Diet for Autism Recovery
Autism Nutrition Alert: Allergens, Sensitivities and Substances

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