The Science and Healing of Traditional Diets for Autism

While much has been written about the most popular and effective autism diets, GFCF and SCD/GAPS, there’s been little investigation of the tenets of Traditional diets. Throughout history and driven by survival and evolution, the varied human cultures of the world inherently learned which foods and ways of being supported their health. And, there are clear commonalities in the respective traditional diets of our ancestors.

Do the foods that nourished cultures for centuries nourish children today? Are their healing aspects and lessons to be learned?  With our modern industrialized world and the epidemic of autism facing our children, one might wonder if this traditional way of eating is still applicable and appropriate, and if the science is supportive.

From my extensive research and clinical experience, I say yes. I routinely find that the principles and practices of traditional cultures and traditional diets serve as a foundation of a healing diet for autism, bolster the effectiveness of any dietary intervention, and aid healing for children.

Substantive science, research, and common sense support the role of traditional foods in healing autism.  Let’s look at the science and research of autism and the role of traditional foods in healing.

Continue reading my article in the Autism File Magazine (below), and learn about:

  • A new understanding and model of autism
  • Science of the biochemistry of autism
  • How traditional diets and food support and aid healing of the underlying biochemistry and body systems
  • GFCF diet and Specific Carbohydrate Diet/GAPS diet and their link to traditional diets

The Science and Healing of Traditional Diets for AutismCLICK HERE

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    I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful article. You explain simply and concisely what is going on with our kids. I will be using this article to explain our path to family and friends. Thankyou again.

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