The 6 Nutrition Essentials to Improving Health, Learning, and Behavior in Your Child

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I’m Julie Matthews, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Published Researcher specializing in autism and related disorders for 17 years… as such my program uses scientifically based and clinically proven nutrition strategies that improve, even heal, the symptoms and behaviors associated with Autism, ADHD, and other childhood conditions.

Families in over 100 countries have been making strategic diet and nutrition choices and getting results from this approach for years…

I'm writing today with elation and still some disbelief to say thank you for all of the insights and learning you have shared over the years. They sure work!!! What a miracle! My 17 year old son has just received feedback from the diagnostician who gave him his diagnosis of PDD-NOS way back when my son was 3. This doctor is a very capable, very conservative allopathic practitioner - one of the more noted practitioners in the Boston area. While he doesn't believe in autism healing per se, he happily and confidently said that my son is 'in remission.' 'The diagnosis just doesn't apply to him anymore!' he continued. Lots of bone broth, epsom salt baths, GFCF eating, lots of exercise, and lots and lots of stress reduction. It ALL works. Thank you for showing me and the rest of the autism community the way forward.

- Sarah, Mom of a 17 year old boy who no longer has autism

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*download the PDF and receive our newsletter - we would never spam you