Autism Diet Testimonials


The combination of diet and omegas and folic acid have changed my son’s life! I appreciate your work so much and cannot begin to tell you how phenomenal the changes are in my little guy! I wish people could take this more seriously…. as it is so important, so many people are so opposed to thinking that such minor changes could improve the health of their kids so tremendously! thank you and keep up the great work!

Kelly Hochheiser


You have been inspiring for us. After your class, we’ve tried the Feingold diet b/c it seemed very consistent with some of Ethan’s symptoms.  Well, we’ve noticed he is speaking more and has a better bowel movement than he ever did.  It’s been very effective for our other son too.  We are going to start with the nuts too.  We bought commercial brand Kombucha and have been trying it too.  I gave some to my father who has tonnitis and he said the pounding in his ears went away. We have been praising you ever since we got back.

Tracy Fox


Hi Julie,

After our visit with you about a month ago, I cooked some chicken breast to puree for Noah’s pasta. As I was cutting it up to put in the blender Noah began to grab big
chunks and eating it up ( a first). A few days later we gave him a whole chicken thigh and he ate it. After that it was salmon, then steak, and then lamb! We are astonished.  Now I will start with the vegetables.

His teacher says he continues on this streak of more language in school (this had started before his eating changed) but he is socializing more, quite talkative to many adults at school and his OT said his fine motor has improved. Almost everyone I meet has remarked how he has changed in the last few weeks. I am not as worried about his protein now and am hoping we can get some vegetables in too.  Now if he would just stop chewing holes in his clothes….. but we are thrilled about the social progress.

Thanks a lot.
Mary Ellen and Brian McSweeney

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  1. Andrea Brinton says:

    I found Julie Matthews and her Nourishing Hope for Autism website, free online workshops, Nourishing Hope book, and cookbook extremely helpful for my family during the past year.

    While my son has not been diagnosed with autism, Julie Matthews Nourishing Hope information has helped improve our health, but most importantly improved the behaviours of my 7 yr old son both at school and at home.

    It is amazing to see the effect diet has had on his behaviour, concentration, and social interaction. I believe many children would benefit if families addressed food intolerances and dietary choices in their homes.

    Thank you and best wishes.

    Andrea Brinton

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