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Working Hard to Reach Parents

At Nourishing Hope, we work hard to reach out to parents in every state in the US and countries worldwide. We believe that bringing the message of autism recovery through biomedical intervention to parents and caregivers is absolutely necessary given the childhood epidemic we are fighting. A key component of biomedical intervention is the implementation of autism diet in the family home along with necessary positive changes to essential nutrition and the addition of supplementation (vitamins, minerals) that is specific to the child on the spectrum. We would like to see EVERY parent who has a child with autism receive the message of hope and healing through the scientific principles we teach.

Bringing Autism Diet Education to You

Most parents are unable to attend national conferences and our team works very hard to connect with parents right where they are on a daily basis – their home towns, support groups, local medical centers and universities, regional autism clinics and educational facilities. It is in this small group teaching that the message of hope is received and healing begins as the education is applied at home – with the child or children on the spectrum at the center of family meal planning and grocery purchasing.

As parents learn these critical autism diet concepts during Julie’s autism nutrition education programs, information is then passed along to friends, family, teachers and medical professionals so the maximum number of children are positively impacted and have the chance to reach their full potential!

Create Your Own Autism Nutrition Event

If you would like to host Julie at one of your events, we have created 1/2 day, full day and multiple day workshop formats that include autism nutrition teaching, recovery story sharing, traditional medical autism treatments, current supplementation protocols, practical cooking lessons, recipe instruction and open session Q & A. We partner with the most knowledgeable autism professionals in the world and bring them to your event. We also provide our books and DVDs to your group at wholesale pricing to help support the funding for your event. You may also want to consider having Julie provide a live computer-based seminar session with your group through Skype™ – She will educate your group from her practice in San Francisco while you view her from a computer/screen at your event.

Let Us Help You with Your Workshop

Getting in touch with us is easy! Simply email Martin Matthews, he will help you plan an event that perfectly suits your needs. He can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at 415-235-2960. Martin will guide you through each step of event planning as well as assist you with marketing the event to ensure its success. He works with seasoned conference event planners as well as parents who are running small local support groups and outreach programs. We tailor our event rates to each individual small group or organization and we customize the teaching topics based on your needs. It is our deepest desire to meet each of you in the communities in which you are raising your families.

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