Consulation Packages

We customize consultations just for you.

For parents and caregivers outside of the Bay Area who wish to work with Julie from home, we offer in-person meetings using Skype™! Video-conferencing allows you to work with Julie from your computer LIVE from anywhere in the world. Setting up a Skype™ account is free – visit to explore the service.
To schedule a consultation: 415-235-2960
Fax forms to: 415-520-0527
e-Mail your inquiry: [email protected]

Basic Package

Initial Appointment
(75-90 minutes)
  • Prior to your initial appointment, you may download initial appointment forms, fill them out as completely and frankly as possible, and send them back to Julie. You can download a WORD DOCUMENT or PDF file here (PDFDOC). Fax and email address are located above.
  • Prior to your initial consultation, Julie will review your Nutrition Questionnaire and any lab tests you may have included. It is not necessary to have any or all tests to progress with diet and nutrition implementation.
  • Julie commonly likes to review:
    1. Food sensitivities (IgG) & allergies, organic acid test, stool analysis.
    2. Amino acids, fatty acids, nutrients and nutrient deficiencies such as red blood cell elements.
    3. Anything else that might be relevant – thyroid and other tests and/or immune system panel.
  • During your initial appointment you will discuss details such as goals, history, current diet, special dietary preferences, sensory issues, and family history.
  • Assess nutrition, dietary needs, and dietary/environmental toxins.
  • You will be coached regarding immediate steps to get started right away, or make progress with current diet.
  • Dietary options will be discussed and a nutrition intervention strategy will be determined for moving forward.
Following Appointment
Personal Nutrition Summary*
(60 minutes)
  • Julie will create a customized autism diet, nutrition and supplementation plan based on your child’s needs, goals, and circumstances.
  • Your plan will include nutrition intervention, overview of longer term goals and activities, action plan, and support information and research.
Second Appointment
Action and Support Plan Discussion
(60 minutes)
  • You and Julie will discuss the details of the Action and Support Plan.
  • Determine workable implementation strategy and options.
  • Identify areas where additional support may be required.
  • Set goals and action plan for next appointment.

* Personal Nutrition Summary

  • Computerized diet analysis
  • Nutrition-based research
  • Supplement review
  • Create custom meal plans
  • Create special rotation diets
  • Proven recipes provided
  • Questions answered by email

Comprehensive Appointment Package (preferred)

Basic Package PLUS…
  • Four 30-minute follow-up sessions
    • 30-minute sessions may be used for behind-the-scenes work*
    • Great for phone consultations, progress reports, Q&A
    • Reduced hourly rate.
  • Free copy of Julie’s book, Nourishing Hope for Autism
  • 50% off Julie’s autism cooking and nutrition DVD, Cooking To Heal

Follow-Up Appointment Options

After the initial set of appointments, there are two ways to engage in follow-ups – on an individual session-by-session basis, or by month support package (preferred).

Individual Follow-Ups

30 and 60-Minute Appointments
  • Individual sessions. Schedule when you need them and pay as you go.
  • Client experience of diet implementation
  • Evolve diet
  • Assess dietary intervention
  • Add/revise dietary actions
  • Create new goals
6-Appointment Follow-Up Package
  • Six 30-minute consultations
  • 30-minute sessions may be used for behind-the-scenes work*
  • Great for phone consultations
  • Plus: