Working with Julie Matthews | Autism Nutrition Specialist

Certified Nutrition Consultant

The most meaningful work we do at Nourishing Hope is during our one-on-one consultations. Children are regularly finding relief from the effects of autism as diet is applied as a complement to autism pediatrician treatments and behavioral therapies. Many parents work with Julie each week – some are just beginning autism diets while others are successfully implementing autism nutrition changes and recording healing results.

If you are considering partnering with Julie, you can be sure you will have personal interaction with one of the best autism nutrition consultants in the country. Julie is down-to-earth and cares deeply about each of her clients – the parents and children she serves.

Working with our practice is quite easy and you are supported by a team that understands autism, its impact on your child and family and the service, tools and coaching you need to quickly and effectively get started with a plan for putting diet to work at home. If requested, Julie will consult with your local pediatrician, wellness professional or nutrition.

Take some time to explore our practice offering – we have packages that meet most parent requests. We do have some flexibility in our programs based on individual parent needs. If you would like to consider a private autism nutritionist relationship with Julie, she would be glad to spend 15 minutes with you at no charge answering any questions you may have about the process. We have many parent references upon request.

Please contact Nourishing Hope to schedule an initial consultation with Julie. We will promptly schedule an appointment.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 415-235-2960

We do not accept health insurance, though will provide you submittable receipts for your carrier – ask us about this. We do accept credit cards and personal checks.