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Air Pollution Causes DNA Changes Relevant to Autism

Epigentics is a relatively new field of study involving the changes in genetic expression (versus gene sequence).  This ability to turn on and off genes is a way for humans to rapidly adapt to changes in our environment.  Nutrition and toxins can influence these changes in gene expression. This gene expression can be affected during […]

The Science and Healing of Traditional Diets for Autism

While much has been written about the most popular and effective autism diets, GFCF and SCD/GAPS, there’s been little investigation of the tenets of Traditional diets. Throughout history and driven by survival and evolution, the varied human cultures of the world inherently learned which foods and ways of being supported their health. And, there are […]

Cholesterol Levels May Not Measure Cardiac Risk

After writing about the inaccuracies of using cholesterol as the primary marker for heart disease in “Saturated Fat and Animal Fat—Further Vindication”, I came across this article from HealthDay discussing a recent study of cholesterol levels and heart disease.  This is further support for why simply lowering cholesterol numbers is not the answer to heart […]

Saturated Fat and Animal Fat—Further Vindication

If you’re like me and consume (gasp!) saturated fat and animal fat, you most likely spend a lot of time explaining to friends and family that think you are crazy that these fats are good for you.  With decades of incorrect nutrition information on fats fed to the public by almost all mainstream nutrition sources, […]

Splenda – Important to Avoid for Children with Autism and GI Disorders

In a study conducted by Dr. Mohamed B. Abou-Donia, et al. and published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, the artificial sweetener Splenda was found to have several health concerns. According to the study on rats, after 12 weeks of Splenda consumption, researchers found “numerous adverse effects, including (1) reduction in beneficial fecal […]

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