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Carnitine Supplementation May Reduce Autism Risk

Researchers at Texas University have published a groundbreaking study demonstrating the positive impact of carnitine supplementation on a gene mutation common in ASD.[1] The results specifically advocate taking the amino acid supplement during pregnancy to protect the delicate embryonic neural structures. The research adds to the growing body of evidence that ASD risk and symptoms […]

Study: Prenatal Vitamins Reduce the Risk of Autism

A study on prenatal vitamins and autism was conducted emphasizing the importance of proper nutrient intake before and during the early stages of pregnancy.  This study in Epidemiology, lead by Rebecca Schmidt, found that women who did not take a prenatal vitamin 3 months prior and with the first month of pregnancy were twice as […]

Encouraging a Sauerkraut Lover

We love cultured vegetables in our home.  We enjoy making them and look forward to the day when Ruby can assist.  I’ve taught many classes on making sauerkraut and kids love to help–crushing the cabbage with their bare hands, releasing the juices.  Then the “science experiment” portion where you get to “grow bacteria on your […]

Cloth Diapering Made Easy

I use a combination of cotton prefolds and FuzziBunz pocket diapers. The cotton prefolds are really easy to wash and dry, they get very clean without any hassle. At night, I use FuzziBunz because the fleece layer wicks wetness away, and I can stuff them to fit my needs with more or less absorbency.

“Indigestible” Sugars in Infants Found to Feed Good Bacteria

Researchers found breast milk contains a surprisingly large number of oligosaccharides, chain of sugars, that are not aimed at nourishing the infant.  In fact, they are indigestible to the baby.  Instead they are found to support the growth bacteria in the gut, bifidobacterium infantis . Read the abstract… Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Probiotics and Colic

A study in Pediatics found a decrease in colic in exclusively breastfed infants with the introduction of the probiotic, lactobacillus reuteri. The study concluded, “L. reuteri DSM 17 938 at a dose of 108 colony-forming units per day in early breastfed infants improved symptoms of infantile colic and was well tolerated and safe. Gut microbiota […]

Vitamin D Deficiency and Preeclampsia

A new study in American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology finds lower blood levels of vitamin D in women who develop early-onset severe preeclampsia, a severe form of pregnancy-related high blood pressure.  Of the preeclampsia group, 54 percent were deemed to have vitamin D deficiency (less than 20 ng/mL), versus 27 percent of the healthy […]

Lead Found in Children’s and Baby Foods

Environmental Law Foundation tested apple and grape juice, and packaged pears and peaches, and found many containing lead!  Lead is neurotoxin, especially to babies and children.  Check out this list which includes some baby foods and organic brands!

Neocate is GMO-Free!

I was relieved to find out that Neocate products are GMO-free and safe with corn allergies! Children with gastrointestinal impairment (and those who often don’t eat adequate solid foods to meet their nutritional needs) often benefit from Neocate Junior.  It is a “hypoallergenic amino acid-based medical food” (a powdered formula) that is gluten-, casein-, and […]

Organic Infant Formula Ingredients Processed with Toxic Chemical

FDA Reports Indicate Infants Sickened From Algae/Fungal-Based Nutritional Supplements From the Cornucopia Institute: CORNUCOPIA, WISCONSIN – April 15 – The Cornucopia Institute filed a legal complaint with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) today, demanding that the agency enforce the organic regulations prohibiting toxic solvents from being used in the production of organic food. The […]

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