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Thank you for choosing to click on the “Share this Message” button 🙂  Because you personally understand what’s possible, you are best suited to help share valuable learning and resources with others.Thousands of children and families have benefited when they learn about and apply nutrition-centered autism diets – and VERY OFTEN, they learned that the opportunity existed because a friend, relative, caregiver, colleague, or other personal contact LET THEM KNOW.At Nourishing Hope, we are committed to informing and empowering everyone touched by autism that FOOD and NUTRITION matter to the health, well-being, and potential of children affected. This is a collective effort that benefits from your participation:

  • Parents sharing personal experiences with diet changes
  • Clinicians sharing their research of “what works”
  • Family members reporting on observed improvements
  • Friends/Colleagues/Contacts sharing life changing information

Currently, 1 in 5 children with autism are following an “autism diet.” Yet, EVERY child benefits from improved attention to their nutrition and overall diet.

Let’s work together in simple and easy ways to let people everyone know, to help everyone realize that there are genuine, evidence-based, parent-proven, science-backed, approaches to helping children.  And we will share earned resources to support our respective efforts.

When you become an Affiliate of Nourishing Hope you earn a commission on all referred sales of our autism diet and nutrition resources; the leading educational tools available to parents and clinicians. We will provide Affiliate Resources that will help you;

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