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Parents Speak Out on Vaccine Settlement

The Associated Press
Thursday, March 6, 2008; 10:32 PM

ATLANTA — The parents of a girl who won a government settlement described how their hearts were broken as they watched their healthy, red-haired toddler transformed into an irritable, odd-behaving child after she got several childhood shots.

"Suddenly my daughter was no longer there," said Terry Poling, the girl’s mother, in a news conference Thursday. She and her husband Jon said their daughter Hannah, now 9, has been diagnosed with autism.

The government has agreed to pay the Polings from a federal fund that compensates people injured by

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Salmonella levels over 5x higher in battery eggs than organic

A couple years ago, I read an article during the holidays on how you should not let your children lick the bowl of cake batter or other batter with raw eggs.  The article went on to describe that while our parents let us do this years ago when we were kids, we should not do it now due to Salmonella in raw eggs.  What infuriated me was that they did not mention or consider WHY we can’t do this NOW.  The article made it sound as though parents were just ignorant back then, but the truth is that is was

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